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New Research Dispels Evils about Saturated Fat

There is nothing better than a home-made pot roast, simmering for hours in the oven and permeating the entire house with smells of tender beef and vegetables stewing in savory gravy. Except for maybe freshly baked biscuits, slathered with butter and honey, so flaky and sweet you can’t possibly have just one.

But of course you do. For years we’ve been told to avoid butter, red meat and other foods high in saturated fat. Those foods will most certainly cause weight gain, and, down the road, maybe even a heart attack or diabetes.

Then in March 2014, the journal Annals of Internal Medicine released startling new evidence that saturated fat doesn’t actually increase the risk of heart disease! In fact, some evidence shows a diet with little saturated fat can be harmful to one’s health.

It seems the real enemies are sugar and processed food.

This article in the New York Times asks “how it makes sense for us to eat, and in whose interest it is for us to eat hyper-processed junk” and suggests avoiding anything that wasn’t around 100 years ago.

On some level, we’ve all probably known that “real food” is better than “fake food.” How many times have you read the ingredients on a packaged meal and not known how to pronounce most of them?

Of course, more research is needed to understand the true effect of saturated fats, and one must also consider each individual’s health before recommending weekly pot-roast and biscuit dinners. But one thing’s for sure. I’m going to feel less guilty about enjoying my favorite, full-flavored foods, especially if I recognize all the ingredients.

What about you? Will this new revelation about saturated fat change your eating habits? Does it make you think back with disappointment on all the occasions you declined to indulge in something you loved?

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Got Questions? Talk With Us.