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Fact or Fiction? If I drink less water, I won’t need to go as often

FICTION.  Aging adults commonly try to control leakage or loss of bladder control by consuming less fluid.  They think that if I put less in, less will come out on the other end. However, by restricting water intake they are concentrating their urine.  Concentrated urine irritates the bladder and actually causes more frequent and urgent episodes of urination.  Furthermore, fluid restriction may lead to a urinary tract infection and/or dehydration, which ultimately may require hospitalization.  Drinking water frequently, helps to keep the body hydrated and the bladder healthy; a healthy bladder means more control over urination. 


If you think urinary incontinence may be an issue

¨    Consult your doctor, it may be related to medication, improper hydration, or a number of other things that your doctor can modify to hopefully stop or decrease any loss of control.

¨    Make sure water restriction isn’t being done to try to control it. 


Symptoms of dehydration

¨    Dry mouth

¨    Concentrated urine

¨    Decreased urine output

¨    Sunken eyes

¨    Lethargy

¨    Change in mental status in the elderly

Seniors are at an INCREASED RISK for dehydration because:

¨    Muscle mass, where the majority of our water is stored, is lost as the body ages reducing the body’s total water content by up to 10% making it more difficult to stay hydrated.

¨    The thirst mechanism also diminishes with age, so we don’t get thirsty as often, even though water requirements are the same.


Dehydration can be serious

If you have signs of dehydration be sure to contact your health professional for advice.  Some forms of dehydration require hospitalization in order to rehydrate the individual.


You should know…at Synergy HomeCare our caregivers are specially trained to watch for the signs and symptoms of dehydration. We can help ensure your loved one is staying hydrated and staying healthy. 


Give Synergy HomeCare a call today to learn more!

Let’s start the conversation.  612-455-2585.


Tips to staying hydrated

Remember:  Always consult your doctor before changing your diet or fluid intake.

In general

¨    Drink at least 8, 8-ounce glasses of fluid everyday.  Total water intake includes all fluid consumption including juice, milk and even foods. 

¨    Keep high water content foods in the house like watermelon and other fruits and vegetables.

¨    Buy flavor enhancers or purchase bottled water if tap water is not enjoyed.

¨    Remember that a good indication to drink somewater is a dry mouth.

For more information on this topic visit our sources:

Mayo Clinic:



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