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Individualized, Compassionate Care

SYNERGY HomeCare, Northwest Metro’s premiere in-home care service begins with our exceptional caregivers. They are the heart of this organization, ensuring all clients’ needs are met and striving every day to make their lives easier and more fulfilling.

Choosing a caregiver might seem like a daunting and difficult task. You want assurance that the caregiver is qualified, experienced, reliable, and capable of caring for someone with Dementia or another serious condition. You also want someone who has warm interpersonal skills and whose personality will complement that of your loved one. 

You can rest assured that our SYNERGY caregivers not only meet the physical and emotional requirements of the job, but also have a proven track record for excellence.   

Impeccable Credentials, Rigorous Training

To join our team, caregivers must go through a national criminal background check.

They also must be certified in CPR and First Aid, andcomplete yearly training on infectious disease prevention. Many of our caregivers have also completed higher levels of training to become home health aides, personal care assistants and certified nursing assistants.

We believe that education must be ongoing, especially in the field of caregiving, because every client is different and every client’s situation is different. To that end, we provide ongoing training to further improve caregivers’ skills and help them develop new areas of expertise. We also regularly assess their performance to ensure their continued excellence on the job.

Finally, SYNERGY caregivers are W-2 employed and fully bonded and insured.

Matching Caregivers to Clients

We understand the importance of finding the right caregivers for our clients, so we approach the process thoughtfully and deliberately. We take time to thoroughly get to know all of our caregivers – to understand their greatest strengths, areas of expertise and unique personalities.

We also work closely with clients and their families to uncover unique insights about their personalities as well as their essential care needs and wishes. Working together in this way enables us to identify the appropriate caregivers for the job. It also helps us create a customized care plan for each client.

Every client is unique so it makes sense to tailor care plans according to clients’ specific needs and wishes. If, for example, your loved one has Dementia, we will recommend caregivers with deep experience in that area. You and your loved one have the opportunity to interview caregivers in person to determine the most worthy candidate for the job. This process usually takes between three and five days, but we are able to expedite the timeline in more urgent cases and provide assistance in a matter of a few hours.

Our work with clients doesn’t end here, though. Indeed, we communicate regularly with clients and their families to ensure everyone’s continued satisfaction and address additional needs that arise. You can trust us to stay abreast of every client’s unique situation and needs every day, and to keep you informed and engaged throughout our working relationship. 

Caregiving requires flexibility, which is why we also are prepared to adjust clients’ care plans any time.

Please read on to get to know some of our fantastic caregivers. You can also contact me with any additional questions about our service or team.

Meet Caregiver Brittany

Deeply affected by her experience helping to care for her grandfather in hospice, Brittany pursued a career in caregiving, with a focus on older adult care.

“Helping others has always felt right to me,” said Brittany. “I love working for SYNERGY because of the wonderful clients. I’ve clicked right away with everyone and have developed great friendships. I also appreciate the staff’s commitment to making sure caregivers have the training and information they need to be successful. Vicki always makes sure everyone is comfortable in their job.”

Got Questions? Talk With Us.


Got Questions? Talk With Us.