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Managing the Mental Side Effects of Chemo

From hair loss to fatigue, chemotherapy has a number of well-known side effects. However, there are some symptoms that are often overlooked yet may have just as great an impact on a cancer patient's life - memory loss and loss of concentration. In fact, experts estimate around 80 percent of chemo patients report such problems, but home care providers can help reduce their impact.

For starters, care providers can make things a bit easier by organizing their patient's home. It can be simple things such as making sure important items are all in the same place, but creating a more organized home will help reduce the impact of chemo-induced forgetfulness.

In addition to keeping their physical world organized, senior care providers may want to help their patients keep their minds organized as well. This can be done by making sure they have a detailed calendar of appointments, tasks or social commitments. Not only will this help reduce the impact of memory loss, but it could also ensure they don't miss any important meetings with doctors.

Certain lifestyle changes have also proven to be beneficial when it comes to cognitive function. Home care providers should encourage their patients to get enough sleep and, if they're able, to get regular exercise.

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