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Three Kitchen Tools for Seniors

Everyone who cooks regularly appreciates easy-to-use kitchen appliances or gadgets. For seniors, having the right cooking tools and utensils can make meal preparation much easier, safer and help them maintain their independence in regards to performing dexterous tasks in the kitchen. If you know a senior who enjoys cooking, here are three food-prep tools that can help them handle the more demanding everyday kitchen jobs.

Automatic can openers

An automatic can opener is an essential kitchen tool if gripping and operating a manual can opener is becoming too much of a challenge. Features on many models, including smooth edge can openers, can also reduce hazards from things like sharp can edges. Canned foods and ingredients are a major staple for many people, especially those who enjoy cooking, and although some manufacturers have begun supplying cans with pull tabs, these too can be difficult to open for some seniors. If your loved one enjoys cooking, this may be an indispensable tool to keep them in the kitchen.

A countertop dishwasher

Countertop dishwashers are excellent appliances for seniors – even if their home already has a built-in dishwasher.

When living alone or with a spouse, it can take a week or more to fill up a full-size dishwasher with dirty plates, bowls and glasses. During this time, the food left on dirty dishes can cling to them and become difficult to remove in a single wash.

Many seniors will fill up a countertop dishwasher with dirty dishes in just one or two days because these models are much smaller than full-size built-in ones. They also don’t have to bend over as much in comparison to loading and unloading a traditional dishwasher.

Small silicone bakeware

Silicone bakeware has advanced over the past decade, and offers a few great benefits for seniors who may struggle with using and cleaning heavier metal bakeware. Silicone bread, cake and muffin pans are lightweight, making them easier and safer to maneuver into and out of ovens.

Silicone is also flexible, which makes it easy to store them and virtually unbreakable unlike glassware. If silicone bakeware is dropped on a tile floor you don’t have to worry about the bakeware or the floor being damaged.

Baked goods also stick less in silicone than they do with metal bakeware, and they are easy to clean, with many being flexible enough to be easily flipped inside out.

You can also invest in a part-time kitchen helper

If you know a senior who enjoys cooking, these three tools could help them continue enjoying their hobbies in the kitchen. Another thing you can do is look into in-home caregiving from a company such as SYNERGY HomeCare. Our caregivers are dedicated to helping seniors continue to live safely and happily at home, and this includes facilitating their hobbies. Many of our caregivers enjoy cooking and baking, and they would be happy to spend time in the kitchen helping your loved one continue a hobby that’s brought them so much joy over the years.

If you would like to learn more about the services offered by our in-home caregivers and scheduling options, we encourage you to contact the home care specialists at SYNERGY HomeCare for a complimentary needs assessment today!

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