Caregivers in Big Timber MT: How Sandwiched Caregivers Can Keep Balance in Their Lives


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How Sandwiched Caregivers Can Keep Balance in Their Lives

Caregivers in Big Timber MT

Caregivers in Big Timber MTIf you currently care for an elderly parent, while also caring for a child under the age of 18 or are supporting an adult child, then you are what is known as the “sandwich generation.” For most sandwich caregivers, they have more than just caregiving responsibilities to manage. They have careers and other household responsibilities to take care of, making it difficult to find some time for themselves.

Sandwich generation caregivers are often stretched so thin that they need additional help from a trained elderly care provider. However, if you are in this generation and are looking for a way to balance all of your responsibilities and “me time,” here are some tips to allow you to do just that.

  • Prioritize your responsibilities. Caregiving responsibilities can change often by the day, week, or month. Keep a list of all of the ever-changing responsibilities and prioritize them in order to make it easier to do the most important ones first.
  • Create a schedule and stick to it. There is usually not enough hours in the day to take care of all responsibilities. To make this task much easier, keep a schedule in order to make the most of your time. Remember to schedule in a little bit of time for yourself each day.
  • Ask for help. You may feel like you could do it all at the beginning, but after a while of juggling all of your daily tasks, you may begin to feel burned out. Before you reach this point in your caregiving role, reach out for help. You may want to ask a trustworthy relative to lend a hand or a professional home care aid. Let someone else help out before you become exhausted and feel a number of emotions at the thought of trying to do everything.
  • Recharge your battery. Your loved one may need to be cared for, which you can’t do unless you care for yourself first. It is important you find a way to destress and recharge by doing your favorite hobbies or calling an old friend. Whatever makes you happy should be high on your priority list.
  • Remember who you are. Sure, your time may be consumed by your mounting caregiving to-do list, your responsibilities at home, and your career. Keep in mind that these things do not define you. Whatever unique characteristics make you “you” should be incorporated into your daily schedule in some way. If you are an excellent bowler, take your loved one to a bowling alley. If singing is a passion of yours, try to squeeze in some music time throughout the day. Whatever makes you happy and is a passion of yours should be included somewhere in the day.

Being a sandwich generation caregiver is not an easy job. With a support system and these tips, the job should be a little easier to manage.


If you or an aging loved one are considering caregivers in Big Timber, MT, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare today at 406-839-2390.

Shanna Tourtlotte

Shanna Tourtlotte has been the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare Billings since 2011.

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