Caregivers in Huntley MT: Endometrial Cancer and Seniors: Symptoms, Diagnoses, and Treatment


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Endometrial Cancer and Seniors: Symptoms, Diagnoses, and Treatment

Caregivers in Huntley MT

Caregivers in Huntley MTEndometrial cancer occurs in women and develops in the uterus. Some doctors believe that this disease is the result of a genetic mutation within the cells of the endometrium, which is the lining of the uterus. Getting any cancerous diagnosis is a terrifying thought, but this is especially true when the type of cancer is one that is not as well-known as others, such as breast cancer.

By knowing the following information, you and your senior loved one will be able to understand more about what this disease entails.


Some of the most common symptoms of endometrial cancer include:

  • Bleeding between periods
  • Vaginal bleeding that occurs after menopause
  • Unusual, watery, or blood-tinged discharge from the vagina
  • Pain in the pelvis

If your parent is experiencing any of these symptoms, get them medical attention as soon as possible.

Risk Factors

If you are trying to determine if your parent is at risk for this type of cancer, here are some risk factors that will increase their chances.

  • A shift in balance of the female hormones in the body. The ovaries are responsible for developing progesterone and estrogen. By having a fluctuation in these two hormones, the elder will be at a higher risk of endometrial cancer.
  • Never being pregnant. If you have an elderly aunt or other female relative who has never been pregnant, they may be at an increased risk of this type of cancer.
  • Age. The risk of developing endometrial cancer increases with age.
  • Obesity. If your loved one is obese, the excessive body fat could cause an imbalance of hormones in the body. This imbalance will increase the risk of cancer.
  • An inherited colon cancer syndrome. Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNCC) develops when there is a gene mutation that passes from parent to child. Older adults with this gene have a higher chance of developing endometrial cancer.


There are several techniques the doctor may use to diagnose this disease, such as:

  • Pelvic exam. The doctor will carefully inspect the outer portion of the genitals. This exam will allow the doctor to discover any abnormalities or unusual growths.
  • A scope. A hysteroscopy involves having a thin, flexible, lighted tube going into the vagina and cervix. This will enable the doctor to see the uterus.
  • Biopsy. The doctor may want to get a tissue sample from the uterus in order to see if anything is out of the ordinary.


  • Radiation. Powerful energy beams are used to kill the cancerous cells.
  • Surgery. Surgery may be needed to remove the uterus of women with this condition.
  • Chemotherapy. Chemicals are used to kill the cancer cells.
  • Hormone therapy. This form of therapy will bring a balance back to the hormones.


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