If Your Senior Must Go To the Grocery Store, How Can She Stay Safe?


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If Your Senior Must Go To the Grocery Store, How Can She Stay Safe?

Grocery shopping is different for most people right now than it ever has been. Staying at least six feet away from other people and being conscious not to touch her face are just two of the ways your senior can help herself to avoid exposure to the virus that leads to Covid-19. But there are other things she can do, too.

Do a Good Bit of Pre-planning

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead for trips to the grocery store, but during a pandemic this is even more important. Your senior need to know what she’s going out to buy, what she’s willing to substitute for if she needs to, and what her plan of action is. It’s best for her to go in, shop quickly, and get back out again.

Bring Disinfecting Wipes Along and Wear a Mask

Disinfecting wipes are a fast and easy way to make sure that a surface is as free of potential germs as possible, particularly the germs related to the novel coronavirus. Wiping down cart handles is vital, and those same wipes can be used to open doors, either at the front of the store or the refrigerator and freezer doors inside the store. Additionally, the CDC has recommended that people wear a mask while in public places, especially those with larger crowds wear social distance isn't guaranteed. If a mask cannot be purchased, there are templates for making one at home.

Encourage Her to “Buy with Her Eyes”

One other technique your senior may want to start using is one in which she “buys with her eyes.” There’s no way to tell whether someone who is sick or who has been exposed to the coronavirus has touched something. So it’s a good practice for your senior to avoid touching anything unless she’s ready to put it into her cart. Checking out after shopping is often a choice between a self-checkout or a cashier, and that’s a choice your senior is going to need to make.

Encourage Her to Wash Her Hands Right Away

After shopping, encourage your elderly family member to wash her hands as soon as she gets home. From there she can start putting away groceries. If she feels more comfortable, wiping down packaged grocery items with a disinfecting wipe or spritzing them with a bit of disinfecting spray can remove any germs those items have picked up. Produce should just be washed as usual, without any harsh chemicals or bleach.

Explore Other Options

An even better idea for your senior might be to have someone else do the grocery shopping for her. Senior care providers can safely head to the store and get the items on your senior’s list. They can also ensure that everything is properly disinfected for her when her groceries get back to her house. This can be a huge relief for your senior, especially if she’s concerned about being out on her own.

Getting the food and other household items that she needs is much easier with some help. You’ll also feel better knowing that your elderly family member is able to stay at home as much as possible.

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Shanna Tourtlotte

Shanna Tourtlotte has been the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare Billings since 2011.

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