Surgical Recovery Care Tips for the Elderly


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Surgical Recovery Care Tips for the Elderly

Many people think that surgery recover happens when they are in the hospital. However, most people don’t stay in the hospital that long after they get surgery, especially if they have a laparoscopic procedure done. If your elderly loved one is going to have surgery, it is important that you and your loved one know about these surgical recovery tips ahead of time, and how home care can help.

Get All the Help That is Needed

One of the most important surgical recovery tips for the elderly is to get all the help that is needed. Many elderly people need around-the-clock care while they are recovering from surgery, especially in the first days to weeks of being home. This can be a lot for one person to handle. It is alright and a good idea to get more help to take care of your elderly loved one. You can hire home care providers to help out as much as is needed.

Reminders to Take Medications

Another very important aspect of your elderly loved one’s surgery recovery is medications. Many elderly people will be sent home from the hospital with medications, only to forget to take them. On the other hand, some elderly people are very tired during their recovery. They may take a dose of medication and forget they took it, so they will take another dose before it is time to do so. This can be very dangerous. You or a home care provider may need to be around to remind your elderly loved one what medications to take and when to take them.

Stocking the Fridge and House

You should also make sure that your elderly loved one has all the necessities in their home that they are going to need during recovery. For example, you should make sure to stock up your elderly loved one’s fridge and pantry. Be sure you get all the food they will need. Foods that will need replenished before their recovery is over, you or a home care provider can restock again. You should also be sure your elderly loved one has toilet paper, paper towels, and other necessities. If they have everything they need in their house, they won’t feel the need to go out and get them. They can stay home and rest like they are supposed to do.


If your elderly loved one is going to have surgery, it is important to help them have a successful recovery. There are many ways that you can do this, as you can see from the information above. You should also talk to your elderly loved one to see what type of entertainment they would like. It is important that you don’t let your elderly loved one get bored or lonely during their recovery. If they are bored, they may try to do things their body can’t handle yet. This could put them back into the hospital. If they are lonely, this could slow down their healing process.


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Shanna Tourtlotte

Shanna Tourtlotte has been the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare Billings since 2011.

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