Symptoms and Types of Arthritis in Seniors


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Symptoms and Types of Arthritis in Seniors

No matter the age, arthritis can be very painful and even debilitating. Unfortunately, arthritis is very common in the elderly. This condition can attack so many parts of the body and can do that at one time, too. Attacks may last hours, days, or it may be chronic pain and discomfort. Learning more about the symptoms of arthritis can help you to take care of your aging parents.

Arthritis Signs for the Elderly

If your aging parent suddenly experiences the following symptoms they may have arthritis:

  • Joint stiffness
  • Joint swelling
  • Pain or tenderness when touching joints
  • Issues moving joints Redness or warmth of the joints

If your parent is experiencing these problems and they don’t disappear in a couple of weeks, they should see their doctor. They could have arthritis. This can be a very painful condition to deal with. They may need elder care help if their condition is more severe.

Types of Arthritis in Seniors

There are also various types of arthritis in seniors. Learning about these different types of arthritis can help you to better assist your aging parents. Some of the things you need to know about the different types of arthritis include the following:

  • Osteoarthritis - Most common form. Happens when cartilage wears and tears. Pain ranges from stiffness to severe pain when sleeping, bending, and walking. Most common in hips, knees, lower back, neck, and hands. No direct trigger and generally happens with age.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis - Autoimmune disease. The body attacks the joint lining. Pain comes from joint inflammation. Swelling and pain can last hours. Pain may get so severe that your parent can’t move their joints. Most common flare-ups are in neck, feet, ankles, hips, elbows, shoulders, wrists, and fingers. This condition can also attack the nervous system, blood vessels, and heart. Those who have this condition also fatigue easily.

These are just some of the types of arthritis that may present themselves in your aging parents. It may be helpful to know about some of the treatments or options your parents have, as well.

Treatments and Options for the Elderly

  • There are many different treatments and options for those who have arthritis. Some of these options include the following:
  • Exercising daily - This can prevent stiffness and pain.
  • Medications - Your parent’s doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory or pain medications.
  • Applying heat or cold - Heat and cold can help to reduce the inflammation, swelling, and pain.
  • Hiring an elder care provider - An elder care provider can help to take care of your aging parent, so they aren’t in as much pain.

These are some of the treatments and options for your elderly parent if they have arthritis.

Have your parents been experiencing any of the symptoms above? Is so, they may have some form of arthritis. Their doctor can make this diagnosis. Some or all of these treatments may be just what your aging parents need.


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