Talk to Your Dad About These Optional Health Screenings


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Talk to Your Dad About These Optional Health Screenings

Your dad does well keeping up with his check-ups. He goes to his doctor and gets the standard tests. Have you talked to him about optional health screenings that may be beneficial? When he goes to his doctor, see if he'll let you join him. Men's Health Month is a good time to ask his doctor about health screenings that are optional but worthwhile.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening

This ultrasound is recommended in men who have smoked and are between the ages of 65 and 75. High blood pressure can be another risk. This condition occurs when the aorta expands and ruptures. It's a life-threatening condition where catching it before the rupture occurs is critical.

Breast Cancer Screenings

Breast cancer in men isn't as common as it is in women, but it can happen. Most men never get screened for breast cancer. If your dad has/had a mother or sister with breast cancer who were diagnosed by age 40, your dad should be screened.

Hepatitis C Screenings

Hepatitis C screenings used to be recommended for adults born from 1945 to 1965. That's changed and now recommendations are that all adults between the ages of 18 and 79 get tested.

Around half of all people with hepatitis C don't realize they have it. It's a virus that causes liver inflammation, but it's curable. People don't realize the different ways they can contract hepatitis C. It can come from the mother, sharing a toothbrush or razor, or when getting a piercing or tattoo.

Lung Cancer Screenings

If your dad isn't a smoker, this test may not be necessary. If he has smoked or spends a lot of time around smokers or fire, he should ask about a lung cancer screening between the ages of 55 and 80. This is a low-dose x-ray or ultrasound that looks at the lungs to see if there are any developing masses.

Osteoporosis Screening

Women tend to have a bone density screening, but men haven't always had this quick test offered to them. If they've fractured a bone after the age of 50, this test is a must. If there's a family history of osteoporosis or your dad is/was a smoker, he should have his bone mineral density scanned.

What if you don't live close enough to join your dad at the doctor's office? Senior care services cover a lot of range. One aspect you should consider is having a caregiver as a chaperone at medical appointments. Your dad gains support during the appointment, and you know if his doctor is offering him every health screening possible. Call a senior care agency to make arrangements.

If you or an aging loved one is considering senior care in Broadview, MT, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare Billings today at 406-839-2390.​​​

Shanna Tourtlotte

Shanna Tourtlotte has been the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare Billings since 2011.

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