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Ten Checklist Items You Should Make Sure Your Aging Parent Does ASAP

As your parent ages, health and memory retention may worsen. There are no guarantees. You don't want to think of your parent having a hard time with activities of daily living, but it happens. Here are 10 items you need to make sure are set as soon as possible.

#1 – Take a Driving Assessment

Driving skills can worsen as your parent ages. Joint pain can make it hard to really look over both shoulders to check blind spots. Reaction times slow. Vision changes can make it hard to drive in dim lighting. Your parent's driving should be assessed either by you or a professional.

#2 – Go Over Insurance Plans

Make sure insurance plans meet your mom or dad's needs. If they take medications and don't have prescription coverage, it's something to look into. If your dad no longer drives and he's still on the auto insurance policy, he needs to be removed.

#3 – Look Over Beneficiaries on Wills and Life Insurance Policies

If there are any wills or life insurance policies that were created years ago, make sure any beneficiaries or designees are correct. If anyone has passed away, paperwork needs to be updated.

#4 – Get Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney in Place

If your mom or dad have not designated anyone to act as a power of attorney when it comes to financial or medical matters, they need to. If something happens and a parent cannot speak up, they need someone who will do as they would want.

#5 – Examine Safety Within Your Parent's House

Make sure the house is safe for retirement. Do they have sturdy rails on the stairs? Are there grab bars in the bathroom?

#6 – Attend a Doctor's Appointment

Visit your parent's doctor. This gives you the chance to meet the doctor and ask any questions you may have about their health.

#7 – Look Over Medications

Go over medications, including over-the-counter ones, to make sure there are no medications that conflict with each other.

#8 – Create Medical Directive

Get your parent to complete paperwork stating what they want in terms of care. Would they want a feeding tube? If they can't breathe without assistance, would they want to be put on a ventilator? Would they want to be resuscitated if the heart stopped beating?

#9 – Compile a Spreadsheet of Regular Payments

Make sure you have a spreadsheet of bills that are paid regularly. If something happens and your mom or dad can't pay bills, someone needs to take over.

#10 – Cut Unnecessary Bills

There are some bills that may no longer be necessary. If your mom and dad rarely watch TV, they can drop cable service.

Your mom or dad may be ready for some elderly care services. Things like dusting ceiling light fixtures, carrying laundry up and down stairs, and cooking meals become challenging. Call an elderly care agency to discuss services that can help your parent age safely in the family home.

If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care in Broadview, MT, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare today at 406-839-2390.

Shanna Tourtlotte

Shanna Tourtlotte has been the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare Billings since 2011.

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