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Groundbreaking Research on Alzheimer’s: Would You Want to Know?

By Emilie Ferreira

Researchers from Georgetown and Rochester have found a way to predict Alzheimer’s in patients before any symptoms arise—all by doing a simple blood test.

According to this CNN article, this blood test could predict who would develop Alzheimer’s with over 90% accuracy, catching the disease far earlier than any signs of memory loss or impairment. But, would you want to know if you were destined to get Alzheimer’s when there's no cure?

This disease affects over half a million Americans. The need for Alzheimer’s screening and research for medication that either prevents or combats the disease is at an all-time high. Research is still in its early stages, and approvals still need to be made before these blood tests can make it around to different hospitals throughout the country.

Once these blood tests are approved everywhere, it’s up to you to decide if you want the information or not. With this new research, medications will be able to be tested, and hopefully we can combat Alzheimer’s in the near future. 

With the beach so close, it’s hard to avoid the sun in Wilmington, NC. But new research published in the journal Neurology stated that low vitamin D is associated with an increase in Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

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Even though the summer months are coming to a close, these 95-degree days are only bad news for seniors taking prescription medications. SYNERGY HomeCare of Wilmington advises you to pay close attention to yourself and your loved ones and take precautions to make sure you stay healthy for the rest of the summer.

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In the older population, depression is frequently overlooked; symptoms are irritability or fatigue, trouble sleeping or inability to concentrate. Many seniors have such symptoms, which makes diagnosing a condition like depression that much harder.

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Got Questions? Talk With Us.