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Different Home Care Options

Which type of home care is best for your family's needs?

Home care agencies are in the profession of taking care of the elderly, infirm, disabled, disadvantaged, and lonely. It is often the business of helping people to remain independent and comfortable even in the face of great personal inconvenience or during a period of vulnerability. The purpose of in-home care is to empower, enable, and enhance the person on the receiving end of service. Since home care aims to help as many people as possible and because each person is a unique individual with their own necessities, a good home care agency must be able to adapt their plan of care to suit each individual situation. Just like the people receiving care; every home care case is unique and comes with its own set of challenges,requirements, and idiosyncrasies.

There are four basic types of in-homecare that can all be individualized to suit the specific needs of each home care case. These different home care plans include -- around-the-clock care, hourly care, sleepover care, and live-in home care . The basic framework for each type of case is summarized here for the enhancement of your home care knowledge.

Hourly Home Care : This home care format places a caregiver or home health aide in the client's home on an hourly basis to provide assistance with companionship, light homemaking, transportation, errand running, and personal care services such as bathing, toileting, mobility assistance, hygiene, and dressing. Most legitimate in-home care agencies will require a 3 or 4 hour minimum per visit.

Around-the-Clock Home Care : This home care plan is also built upon a per hour platform but typically is appropriate for more complex cases where the client requires constant attentive care in order to fulfill a high level personal care aid. It is not unusual for this type of in-home care to require certified caregivers on a 24-hour-a-day basis, usually split up between several home care aides working in shifts of 8, 10, or 12 hours at a time.

Sleepover Home Care : This sort of in-homecare provides for a caregiver or home health aide to be in the home during the overnight hours. If you are concerned about a loved one who sometimes gets disoriented during the night or might have just returned home after an extended stay in the hospital or at a rehabilitation facility, a sleepover care plan might be just what they need. With a sleepover case, the caregiver works a 10-hour shift during which they provide one hour of attentive care in the evening before bed time and one hour of attentive care in the morning before they depart. During the other eight hours of the shift, the caregiver is expected to be able to sleep, but they are "on call" should a personal need necessity or emergency arise in the middle of the night. This is both paid and billed at a flat rate because it does not require constant attentive care.

Live-In Home Care : This home care option is also billed at a flat rate and can be one of the most cost efficient options for client's who live alone or require a bit more care throughout the day, but not around-the-clock care. Live-in home care aides will literally live in the client's home providing constant companion care and attending to the personal necessities of the client as they relate to both basic homemaking and personal care. The caregiver will provide eight hours of attentive care at varying intervals throughout the day, have eight hours of private time to themselves (though they remain in the home), and have eight hours each night where they can get their sleep. During the sixteen hours each day of "private" and/or "sleep" time, the live-in caregiver remains available should occasional home care necessities or emergencies arise. Some families also choose to supplement a live-in with daily hourly home care for cases requiring a bit more attention.

Jason Portadin, Client Services Director, Synergy HomeCare of Mid-Jersey, 609-298-0202,
*Please feel free to call with any questions related to our blog or the home care needs of a loved one. We're always available to answer your questions or to provide general information about home care services. We're also available to schedule a free in-home assessment if you believe that would be beneficial.Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.*

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Got Questions? Talk With Us.