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Home Care vs. Assisted Living

Home care can be an excellent alternative to an assisted livingfacility for a patient who needs help with some of their daily tasks. Home careproviders can assist with cooking, errands, housekeeping, hygiene, and more,and offers a flexible schedule to accommodate patients and their families.

Families have some tough decisions to make when they have a loved one who isstruggling to manage their daily tasks or live safely on their own. Agingrelatives may be finding it harder and harder to do everyday things that usedto be done effortlessly. Perhaps there are some physical health situationsemerging that limit mobility, making housekeeping or errands difficult orimpossible. Early Alzheimer's symptoms may present challenges - medicationneeds to managed and safety issues may emerge.

Should a family choose an assisted living facility or home care? It is adifficult decision, and sometimes moving away to a new place with full-timecare is necessary for the health and safety of the individual. However, unlessone needs full supervision or care, home care is an excellent choice,especially if the individual would be happier remaining in their home. Anassisted living facility may be more help than needed, and be much moreexpensive. Home care offers many services, and it is also a very flexibleoption. Maintaining familiar surroundings including neighbors and friends canhelp keep a senior in good mental and physical health. 

Home care can be temporary or long term; daytime, nighttime, or overnight; orfor weekends and holidays. It provides care when and how it is needed, aftercareful consideration and consultation with doctors, patients and theirfamilies. This flexibility allows for great respite and peace of mind forfamily caregivers, and they can be assured with a high quality home careservice that their loved one is cared for and safe.

Home care services include hygiene assistance, meal preparation, lighthousekeeping, errands and more. The warm companionship is also something apatient looks forward to and enjoys. Support with these daily tasks can providean enormous relief for both the patient and their families. When possible,staying at home many times is the better alternative for a patient's physicaland mental health and happiness, and home care is an outstanding choice. 

I often speak to family members about the difficult choice of homecare vs. anassisted living facility. This is often a very personal and difficult issue toaddress. Every caregiver taking care of a loved one must be very honest withthemselves, and possibly seek assistance when evaluating the needs required totake care of their love one. There are many trade-offs in the services providedat each type of facility to be considered. 

Being cognizant of the fact that there are compromises to make will be helpfulwhen facing such decisions. Only you and your loved one can decide what choicesmay be acceptable.

Acknowledging that the needs of your loved one may be exceeding thecapabilities of you and your family is paramount. The decision is difficult butmust be addressed. 

Speak with friends and family about your thoughts and emotions to gainguidance, support, understanding and solace. 

Casey Holstein is the owner of Synergy Home Care Metro NJ. For moreinformation, go or call 973-808-3475 

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Got Questions? Talk With Us.