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About Us

Tom H

Tom Horanoff - Co-Owner and Director of Client Care

For the past several years, Tom has taken on the caregiving role for his 89 year old father. Tom moved his father out of an Assisted Living Facility and back into his father’s home where he wanted to remain in the first place.  In this role Tom has learned how to compassionately relate to his father who suffers from mobility issues in addition to mild dementia/Alzheimer's.  Providing care in a manner that has allowed his father to maintain his dignity, independence and control has been the foundation for Tom's desire to provide Home Care for Seniors, non-seniors and others looking to maintain their dignity and independence.
Tina R

Tina Romero - Co-Owner and Director of Care Operations

 Tina always had an affinity for the elderly. For several years, she volunteered to visit homebound seniors in her parish and developed long time friendships with them.  Her firsthand experience has made her sensitive to their needs and understand their mindset. Combined with her passion to help the elderly, Tina has an MBA and an MA in Diplomacy & International Relations, equipping her to manage operations efficiently and with a high level of integrity.

Our combined experience gives us the know-how to care for others as well as a well-rounded knowledge of the home care industry along with the role of the caregiver

Our Story

It is a universal truth that parents will do everything they can to make their children's wishes come true. But as parents age and caretaking roles are reversed, do we as children do everything we can to make their wishes come true? 

Tina And Tom

Back in 2007, Tom Horanoff's (Co-owner & Director of Client Care) mom had triple bypass surgery at the same time his dad was having difficulty walking after a second knee replacement surgery. Unaware of a homecare option, the family decided to move them into an assisted living facility. 

Tom's mom was prescribed many medications while in the facility and in 2011, her condition worsened. One night, she wandered, fell, hit her head, never came out of a coma and died within a week at the age of 91. Tom's dad who hated being there wanted to move back home. He became depressed and acted out childlike behaviors. They medicated him further causing other side effects. He then was moved to nursing care where he continued to deteriorate. At this time he was on nine medications. 

Tom felt helpless but he didn't know what to do from so many miles away in New Jersey. They spoke often and his dad always maintained a defiant, stubborn attitude and could not accept that he should stay in a nursing home. At that time he was 87 years old. One day, Tom's dad called and begged him to get him out of the nursing home. At that point Tom knew in his heart that his dad deserved to live and die where he wanted and that he had to grant him his wish no matter what.

With the support and encouragement of Tina Romero (Co-owner & Director of Care Operations), Tom made the frightening decision to move his dad back to his home and try to manage his dad's care from 750+ miles away. Tom brought his dad back home in December 2012, hired a non-medical caregiver, started meals on wheels, arranged a volunteer companion visitor, signed up for medical alert service and hired a homemaker for cleaning. 

Fast forward to today, Tom's dad is doing better than ever and off all his medications. While his mobility is not good, he rides a three-wheeled bike and uses his treadmill almost daily. Just a month ago, Tom & Tina made another one of his wishes come true. They went on a cruise to Alaska where he enjoyed seeing glaciers, whales, raptors and ate salmon to his heart's delight. He is in high spirits and is looking forward to his next trip.  Several years have now passed since I wrote this story….. my father passed away on September 16, 2016 peacefully in his sleep.  I miss my father every day but I will always have the valuable learning and experience that I gleaned through my involvement in his care. 

This firsthand experience with Tom's parents compelled Tom & Tina to open their own non-medical homecare business. It is emotionally difficult for our elderly to leave the home that they have lived in for many years and in reality, many of them do not want to leave. Unfortunately, most people don't know about non-medical home care and the value that it provides at only a fraction of the cost of an assisted living/nursing home. 

Tom & Tina want to educate everyone about the benefits of non-medical homecare and provide children of elderly parents the opportunity to grant their aging parents' wishes by giving them the dignity, hope and independence they deserve. Their mission is to enable clients to achieve the highest quality of life possible by providing the industry's best non-medical homecare while enhancing and enriching the lives of their client's families and their caregivers. They are very selective with their caregivers, hiring only those whom they believe will treat each client like they would treat their own parents. 

It is a beautiful moment to see a childish smile on a parent's wrinkled face when their wish comes true. While they're still around, we all have the opportunity to put a smile on their face. When the time comes, think of us to help you find solutions for your elderly loved ones.

Got Questions? Talk With Us.


Got Questions? Talk With Us.