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“Synergy exceeded my wildest expectations by giving me a caregiver who is always there for me. She is simply amazing. She is conscientious, a great cook, and cares about me. She is always there for me, is dependable, knows all my medications and is an excellent, intelligent caregiver. She even helped me organize my bills online! I can’t say enough about my caregiver, and the difference she has made in my life. She’s not my caregiver—she is my friend…forever.”      

--- Barbara G. (Queens)

“An elderly relative of mine in New York City became unexpectedly ill and in need of immediate care and attention. My wife and I live five hours away.  We were wearing down and brought in an agency to provide 12 hr day care 7 days a week. This lasted a week or so with this agency but we became uncomfortable with the ability to communicate with management and my wife and I once again went in to a panic search for a new agency and we found Synergy HomeCare.  What a relief!  We could communicate with them, and they were able to address our relative’s needs and customize the challenge of populating the appropriate caregivers on a 24 hr/7 day schedule as Synergy ramped up. My wife and I were able to return home confident in the direct communication with management, the caregivers and the attention that Synergy provided to my relative.  We would use them again.”

--- Keith P. (Manhattan)

“The President and Owner of Synergy HomeCare has been extraordinary in his dedication to assisting us with our needs in every way. The home care provider who has been helping my sister is very much valued and appreciated by her as smart, caring, and efficient. Synergy has provided us wonderful service.”

--- Glenn H. (Manhattan)

“My Mother’s 95th Birthday was in September, my wife and I were there, and my Mother’s caregiver came and brought some home-prepared food and desserts that went well beyond what was required. The whole family enjoyed it and we were quite pleasantly surprised by her gesture. It makes a big difference knowing that there is a personal connection beyond the business connection.”

--- Hank D. (Brooklyn)

“Your employee screening process seems to work well.  My caregiver is getting me through this last leg of organizing after my apartment was painted. She is super-duper! My other caregiver is also great!  Never could I have gotten it done without them.  I can be a terrible complainer at times but this is just the opposite.  Good job!”

--- Cate K. (Manhattan)

“The service that Synergy provided has been great. From the initial contact and the follow up that was provided, I felt my questions were answered and that I understood the process to get assistance for my Mother. The best thing is the whole team is professional and very helpful. They are always available by email (which is a great time saver) and on the weekends. You can always expect a timely response to any question.”

--- Guillermo G. (Queens)

“Finding someone to assist my Mother at my son’s wedding was an awesome task. Every lead I had did not pan out, until I was given Synergy’s number. The caregiver could not have been more wonderful! My Mother was beaming! There is no way I can thank you enough for making this happen!”

--- Mona R. (Manhattan)

 “I highly recommend Synergy HomeCare to anyone in need of responsible, attentive caregivers and equally attentive and dedicated management. Everyone at Synergy has been kind and helpful from the first day. I contacted Synergy to set up live-in home care for my relative. Overall, all the employees of Synergy have been a pleasure to work with; my relative is in good hands.”

--- Claire M. (Jersey City)

“Synergy was a very lucky find for us. The staff made it a priority to find a caregiver who could meet my 91-year old Mother’s specific needs. The folks at Synergy were very available, reliable, concerned, and efficient. We felt we were dealing with a small business where the people had known my family for years! We are very satisfied with the attention and service from Synergy and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service to others.”

--- Lisa D. (Bayonne)

“Love my girls!”

--- Marie G. (Queens)                                                                                  

“My caregiver is terrific! I hope I’m taking care of her as much as she is taking care of me. I’m feeling a lot better.”

--- Judy F. (Manhattan)

“Synergy provided a wonderful aid to my client. The caregiver makes our client feel safer in the community. There’s human contact for our client and the caregiver does a lot for her.”

--- Peter S., LMSW, Senior Advocate (Manhattan)

“I selected Synergy because it was a referral for us through another resource. It has given us peace of mind while we are at work to know my Grandfather is getting companionship and care while we are away.”

--- Renee P. (Queens)

 “Synergy runs a very well organized company. Everything is explained thoroughly up front. The caregivers are very compassionate and non-intrusive. There's a level of confidence unlike I've had dealing with other agencies. My father can be difficult to deal with but I know he's in good hands and I'm able to go to work and not have to worry about his safety.”

--- Joe I. (Brooklyn)

“The home attendant who is caring for my father, 93, is a high-level professional with medical expertise. She knew just what to do after he was released from the hospital with severe stomach ailment. The excellent customer service is unique for an industry that is criticized by both patients and the media.”

--- Steve R. (Bronx)

“My wife and I were thoroughly pleased and impressed with our experience using Synergy. Our caregiver was wonderful, a lovely and completely competent woman who was both professional and a delight to be with. We plan to use Synergy again, and unhesitatingly recommend this service to others.”

--- Burt C. (Manhattan)

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