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How Technology Can Aid Caregiving

Technology has played an increasingly important role in nearly every aspect of everyday life, and that is especially true for caregivers. There are a variety of devices that can help both professional and non-paid care providers take better care of seniors or those suffering from a chronic condition, and many are easy to use.

Tablets, such as the popular iPad, have become common in households across the country and hold great potential when it comes to caregiving. While they have many of the capabilities of a personal computer, they come at a fraction of the size. Caregivers can use them to do everything from looking up symptoms, keeping track of medication on a document or scheduling appointments.

In a similar vein, smartphones have becomes especially helpful for senior caregivers. There is a long list of apps designed specifically to assist in the care process. For instance, iPharmacy helps identify certain pills to avoid issues with medication. Additionally, even simple programs such as alarms can be helpful.

Technology is especially important for family members who may be caring for a loved one who lives a long distance away. Video conferencing tools, combined with webcams, make it easy to check in on the well-being of seniors.
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Got Questions? Talk With Us.