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What Is More Fitting Than to be Located in What was a Home?

The Bevers
Ron and Doris Bever have fond memories of the family who once lived in the home where SYNERGY is located. The personality of this home of the past will live on with the mission of SYNERGY HomeCare.


The business home of SYNERGY HomeCare is, in fact, a home in its origination. What more fitting way to house a business, especially one like SYNERGY?

At a recent open house for the company, we asked next-door neighbors The Bevers what made this home special in its heyday.

Back in the late 1950s, the house was built by longtime Edmond builder Neal McCaleb as part of the new campus of Oklahoma Christian University. Then, the campus just had a few buildings and nothing but prairie separated the school and the current SYNERGY house/business location, where the school’s first president, Dr. James O. Baird, lived with his wife and young family.  

This is according to Dr. and Mrs. Ron Bever, who moved in 1974 to the home next door to the SYNERGY office. They fondly remember being neighbors of C.E.  McGaughey, a Church of Christ preacher, and his wife, who also called the current SYNERGY house home.

Dr. Bever was OC’s longtime beloved professor and department chairman of speech and mass communication.  

The Bevers remember the beautiful mural on one wall of the entry living area, and the two large pecan trees that capped off the majestic feel of the home. They also remember Mrs. McGaughey’s pecan pies and the couple’s strong belief in prayer.

Indeed, Ron and Doris Bever note similar characteristics of the current occupants of 13720 N. Bryant. The couple was among the well wishers at SYNERGY’s recent grand opening open house where a minister offered a blessing.  

It’s been said a house does not make a home. We beg to differ.

We believe SYNERGY clients can find the very same kind of people making up this business located in what was a home, bringing a measure of “home” and love to each client’s personal setting.

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