A Blessing for a Special 'Gift'


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A Blessing for a Special 'Gift'

From Left Greg And Hoyt Gattis

Greg G. and his sisters are grateful for SYNERGY. Recently, their Dad, who has Alzheimer's, suffered a dramatic downturn in his health. They needed immediate help and they got it with one phone call to SYNERGY HomeCare of Edmond.

Greg recalls their emergency was on a Friday night, after typical working hours when you wouldn't expect to find anyone answering the phone or launching into action. But within two hours of that call, a SYNERGY specialist was with their dad. 

"It was a huge blessing and a big comfort to my sisters and me," said Greg, who has spent 30 years in customer service in his career, and knows a thing or two about the business. 

"This is what sets SYNERGY apart -- my expectations were exceeded. And everyone was friendly, caring, understanding and compassionate."

After the initial crisis, SYNERGY specialists stayed with Mr. G. and participated in his rehabilitation. Along the way, they gave constant feedback to Greg so he could "assess and push" his Dad a little bit more. It worked. 

Greg says his Dad normally would have been put-off by someone constantly around helping him, but he started introducing his SYNERGY helpers as, "my friend."

Those "friends" went beyond what Greg expected. He was surprised at the deep compassion they offered such as buying his Dad a new belt when they couldn't find his, and staying long past when the clock signaled a shift was over.

'Dad is as good as can be," said Greg. 

He says the reality is they will need help again. The G. family knows who to call when that time comes.

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