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Passion of top duo trickles down companywide

When was the last time you called a business and a human answered? Or did you get an automated system presenting a long list of options that started with pushing number one for more options?

Automation is so prevalent these days. So when the phone rings at the offices of SYNERGY HomeCare of Edmond, and a person answers, it can take you by surprise, but in a good way.

Answering the phone, in a friendly manner, and getting the satisfaction you desired from having a question answered is part of the office protocol. So is home-cooked food in the breakroom and, if an intake visit takes several hours, so be it. 

After all, how are we going to meet the needs of our clients if we do not listen to them?

To say that Weama Kassem, CEO, and Charlotte Carey, Administrator, are passionate about SYNERGY would be an understatement. The pair has boundless energy to inspire their vibrant staff to excellence. 

They also share a vision to provide wonderful Oklahoma City elder care and the surrounding metro senior market.

For Charlotte, her passion comes from deep within. Having cared for her grandmother for several years, she knows how vital it is to have the assurance that your loved one is getting qualified and personal care.

For Weama, she saw a need in our community for in home care in Oklahoma City, put it together with a business opportunity and pursued opening the SYNERGY HomeCare franchise, the first in Oklahoma. Their services definitely reach beyond the Edmond senior care market.

Less than a year open, the passion and the energy have propelled SYNERGY of Edmond to success. They have a growing list of satisfied clients who have also become part of the “family,” and the franchise has become one of the largest “rising stars” in the corporation.

With Charlotte’s attention to the details complementing Weama’s big-picture vision for SYNERGY, this pair makes a great leadership team, with either one willing to answer the phone!

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