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A caregiver tribute to Lisa, a little story

Renae -Martin -copy

Photo: Renae M. is just one example of how we care for each other.

Byline: Carol Hartzog

The caregiver as an employee can be overlooked at times. Here, at SYNERGY, we take special time to say ‘thank you,’ to each other and to our employees. Here, Renae M. takes time out of her caregiving role to say thank you to one of our office managers during a recently in-service training.

 “I am Renae M., a dedicated Home Nursing Professional of many years of experience. I have come to realize that we all have a job to do but most of the time it is looked on as “just a job” by many people, both patients and nurses alike.

In our midst, we have some appreciated people and we have one in particular in our presence today.

Let me introduce LISA. She is our scheduler and confidante when our days get heavy. She always has time to listen to our problems because a happy staff is a good staff and we all need all we can get.

She handles everything from difficult patients to problems in communication between family, patients and the nursing service; be it illness, days off, bad weather or broken down cars, she always has an answer for us. This is very reassuring in this day of “grab the cash” and run for it, leaving a half done job and many unhappy people in the wake.

She always finds a replacement for us so we can all “Take a Well Earned” day off. In my case, it is a day away to a cool quiet restful boudoir with in-suite hot tub and fireside breakfast in the morning, leaving me charged up and ready to go and free from my cares and troubles.

Even though I cannot give her a ‘spa day’ and time away from the pressure of life, like I get, I have taken the time to make her a special cake.”

We love to care not only for our employees, but our clients, as we provide the very best care for in home care for veterans and the elderly in the Oklahoma City area.

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