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How Home Care Saves You From Caregiver Stress

Avoid Physical Stress By Using Home Care

A lot of people are suffering, because they are stuck on the "do-it-yourself" attitude. Sometimes, you just have to realize that you just can't do everything yourself and still keep a sane mind, a healthy body and happy spirit. Our home care team understands! We know that caring for your elderly loved ones is stressful for you and it's ok for you to admit that out loud. The fact is, that no matter how much you love your aging parents, the physical stress will eventually become overwhelming as you attempt to keep up with your own family life at the same time. Here are some signs that you're already at your peak stress level:

  • You always feel exhausted even with 8 hours of sleep
  • You may have nights of endless tossing and turning or increased insomnia
  • Headaches become more frequent
  • Muscle aches, joint pains and neck and shoulder stiffness are ongoing
  • You have digestion problems or stomach pains
  • Your hair starts to fall out

These are just a few symptoms of heavy stress levels. How can home care help you?

Think about what it is that you do while you care for your elderly parents. You're managing the essential parts of their daily routine and that means you don't get the experience of visiting with your mother or father, but instead they may feel as though you're controlling them. This is where home care assistants, like ours, can really shine. We come in, take the responsibility of being a parent to your parent off of your plate and allow you to get back to loving your visits once more.

Our customized home care services aim to provide comfort, peace of mind, and well-being for you and all of your family. Our Edmond, OK, home care professionals are here for you, and we'll create a customized care plan just for you. Contact us at SYNERGY HomeCare (405-254-3046) today for a no-obligation consultation with our caregivers to get the care you need.

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