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Seniors and Pets

People love their pets and seniors in particular can benefit from the companionship of a furry friend. But there are also ongoing responsibilities with pet ownership and some safety risks for older adults with animals. SYNERGY HomeCare can help older adults and their family members understand their options and make the best decisions when it comes to pets in senior care.

Companion animals can be a very real health risk, it turns out. More than 21,000 elderly Americans are treated in emergency rooms each year due to falls associated with their pet dogs and cats, says a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's not a huge number, but the really scary part: The highest rate of injuries from all pet-related falls occurs in people older than 75. And the most common diagnosis is the potentially life-altering one older people really want to avoid: Fracture.

The biggest dangers:

  • Tripping over pet toys
  • Untrained, excited dogs who jump up
  • Pets who sleep on the bed or at one's feet
  • Tripping over a cat or dog lurking around one's ankles
  • Getting tangled in a leash

What can you do to keep your loved one safe with a pet at home?

  • Warn them. For many elders "falls" is a very scary word. Just knowing the danger might help them move more carefully.
  • Really watch their interactions. Is it a frisky dog who jumps up on people? The CDC recommends obedience training.
  • Routinely scour the house for chew toys, etc. just as you look out for throw rugs, papers on the floor, and other potential hazards. Just get rid of them.

Did you know that SYNERGY HomeCare can help take care of your pet with our home care services? From feeding them, taking them outside, going to the park, cleaning up after them and even watching them while you leave town, SYNERGY HomeCare will take care of your fur-baby as if it was our own. 

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Got Questions? Talk With Us.


Got Questions? Talk With Us.