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Hospice Care Caregiving
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Hospice is a Gift for Everyone

Some people might think using hospice means they're giving up. Others may worry that they won’t get the medical care they need. But the service simply focuses on the quality of your life instead of trying to cure a disease. Hospice is truly a gift for your loved one, as they are well cared for and you are given respite from caregiving so that you may chose how to spend your time during you're loved one's final days.

Hospice Care Solutions

Though it takes time to understand and process, we at SYNERGY HomeCare believe that hospice care is a gift. It is the gift of maximizing limited time. SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers work closely with the hospice program your loved one is enrolled in. We help carry the load. You don’t have to do this alone. We understand that taking a break from the physical caring of your loved one can help you be more present with them. (Sound familiar?) After all. you need some respite now and then. We know emotions run high, heartstrings are pulled and emotions can be erratic. Let us help you as you navigate a difficult transition.

Why SYNERGY HomeCare?

Not only do you have the many amazing resources through your chosen hospice program, but you also have us. Medicare supported hospice only covers a limited number of home health aide hours. The rest that is needed for 24/7 care falls on you and your support system. We can be your support system. Our caregivers can cover those extra hours you need. We want you to function, to put one foot in front of the other. SYNERGY HomeCare works to provide the most respectful care and support for your loved one, you, and anyone else sharing in grief. Let us give the bed bath and run errands, inside and outside of the house. You should have the chance to just hold your loved one’s hand or close your eyes to get some much-needed rest.

Let us Help

Our support goes beyond the acute care at the end of life. Even as you begin turning the page and living life without someone so dear, we at SYNERGY HomeCare can help. Perhaps you need just a little company at home when family and friends return to daily routines. Or maybe all those years and months of caring have impacted your health too. We at SYNERGY HomeCare believe that people and time are precious.

Our care team members can assist with:

  • Adapting the home environment to enhance safety and comfort
  • Providing bed-based care
  • Reminders for medication regime
  • Provide supportive companionship and respite so clients aren’t alone
  • Personal care: grooming, personal hygiene, and dressing
  • Light household tasks
  • Communicating daily to family and hospice team members

Make Hospice a Stress-free, Memorable Journey for All

Call today to learn how to make your loved one's transition a loving journey instead of a stress-filled time. There is no obligation.

Regardless whether you need in-home hospice care today or maybe in several months, it's good to learn about what an in-home hospice caregiver can do for your loved one and for the entire family. During the emotional ebb and flow of a loved one at home with in-home hospice care, you'll learn that each family member will navigate this life transition is his or her own, personal way. Letting us provide an assessment of your loved one's needs will help you and you family better cope with new feelings and emotions they might be experiencing now or in the near future. 

While the caregivers who stay by their loved one's side nearly 24/7 during in-home hospice care is common, as no one wants to "miss" any quality time with their loved one during their last days, weeks or months. We understand this and even support it if the caregiver has adequate back-up or support. We too often see resentment build in family members when they are the sole caregivers. During this transition, minimizing external issues that may hinder the focus on your loved one is important. After all, hospice is new to everyone; there is no reason that you, as the primary caregiver, has fine-tuned this process. But we have. Our caregivers are the professionals who bring a welcomed blend of professionalism, concern and empathy to your loved one's home. We are able to provide around the clock in-home care or maybe you'd prefer mornings each day. Whatever your needs, we've got this. 

Let's make your loved one's transition a peaceful, meaningful journey that the entire family can be a part of and create fond, indelible memories that will be remembered for a lifetime.

We serve families in many Philadelphia suburbs including: Bala Cynwyd, Merion Station, Penn Valley, Chestnut Hill, Mount Airy, Manayunk, East Falls and Germantown. Call us today and we will help you create a care plan that will be a benefit to all of your loved ones.

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