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Our COVID-19 Policy

At SYNERGY HomeCare our number one priority is always the safety and well-being of our clients and caregivers. SYNERGY HomeCare practices safety measures issued by the CDC, OSHA, and state and local health departments to ensure the health and well-being of our clients and caregivers. These measures include temperature checks, providing our staff with appropriate personal protective equipment, instruction on frequent hand washing, maintaining social distancing when applicable, and the sanitization of your home. Additional practices may exist based on state or local regulations.

All SYNERGY HomeCare locations are independently owned and operated and are responsible for monitoring and complying with applicable safety measures in effect in the communities they serve.

What brings you to SYNERGY HomeCare?

We get it.  We’ve been in your shoes before.

The good news is that our experience in home care is extensive and we care for your loved one as though they were a member of our family. And that is our secret sauce: compassion, love, empathy and continuity of care, whether you have a caretaker four hours a week or 24/7.

By now, if you’re shopping around for in-home care for a parent(s) or loved one, you’re probably a little stressed about the process. And quite possibly tired of every home care agency telling you “we’re the best.” 

We do believe that we are the best, but we like to prove it to you, in real time, and we begin showing you with an in-home care and safety assessment that costs you nothing. It's a good opportunity for you to learn a lot about us as an agency and as caring individuals, as it involves our care management team meeting with you and any other involved family members, and of course, your loved one, if you desire.

Basically, we learn everything we can about your loved one—when they take their prescription medicine /dosage to what their favorite foods are to habits, limitations and so on.We gather information about what you expect from caregiving so that we can meet, or exceed your expectations. We'll be sure to ask you to identify any problems, special needs, strengths, weaknesses and resources, as well as evaluate your loved one's:

  • medications and dosing
  • medical history
  • physical abilities
  • cognitive abilities
  • social assessment
  • safety issues within the home
  • short and long term goals
  • communication methods and expectations

Our assessment has many benefits: 

The benefit that towers above all others is the peace of mind that you feel from knowing you've finally initiated care for the person who may have spent a lifetime caring for you.  And some argue that they are more excited at the cost savings of home care versus an assisted living facility or nursing home. Most of our clients indicate they feel so much better from the peace of mind we offer, but they’re equally as happy about saving a lot of money by using in-home care.

We'll look forward to hearing your take on the towering benefit(s)! 

Something that seems to be a sensitive topic for some, is breaking the news to their parents that they will be getting in-home care. Adult children often struggle with breaking the news to their aging parent(s). We work with you to help with the message delivery to your parents. We’ve done it so much, that we understand the process an aging person goes through when they believe they are losing their independence and others are beginning to control them. We know the right words, the explanations and the logic to convey to make this a smooth transition—just another benefit of home care.

Why in-home care eclipses assisted living and nursing homes

In-home care is a cost-effective way for loved ones recuperating from a hospital stay or who, because of a functional or cognitive disability, are unable to fully take care of themselves. In fact, post-hospital patients who receive home care services are less likely to be readmitted for hospitalization.  And the little secret about in-home care that you'll never hear from an assisted living facility or nursing home: one on one, individual care. Not one caregiver for 12 patients. 

The beauty of in-home care is that it reinforces and supports care provided by family members and friends, while your loved one maintains their dignity and independence---and morale. 

Are you coordinating caregiving from out of town?  When you are confident that your home care provider is top notch, there’s a certain peace of mind that accompanies that confidence. It may even help you sleep at night. We are there when you can’t be.  

We don’t want to brag, but our success speaks for us. Having a career, or as we say, ‘passion,’ that actually makes us feel empowered to make others’ lives better through our compassionate home care is why we are happily engaged in the field of in-home care. We love what we do and it shows. It's not about how well we can fix a lunch for your dad or assist with mom's daily grooming—anyone can do that. It's all about the way the lunch is made, served and communicated to launch the sparkle of happiness in your dad's eye or his cute grin when he realizes that his caregiver truly cares about him. It's about making a connection. While you have peace of mind that your loved one is being well-care for, we get our joy from seeing that your loved one is happy, safe and comfortable in their own home.

You probably have a lot of questions. Call us and we’ll answer them for you and let us help you get control of a tough situation to get your life back on track.


Most Common Reasons for Home Care

Give me a break
I'm a family caregiver who needs respite care once in a while.

My aging parents need a little extra help
My parents are showing signs of aging and need some help with everyday living a few days a week.

Broken bones from a fall  
My dad broke his hip and needs in-home care for meals, bathing, dressing and getting around. Although my mom is in assisted living, she needs around the clock care for a few weeks since she fell and broke her hip.

Memory care 
My mom has Alzheimer's and needs 24/7 non-medical care. My dad has dementia and needs daily help at home for meals, med dosing, light housekeeping, etc.,just in the late afternoons until bedtime. 

Companionship: My mom is lonely
My elderly dad passed away a few months ago and my mom is extremely lonely.  She needs a few days of companion care each week for conversation, playing cards, etc.,to boost morale. Something she can look forward to.

Dignity or is it strong-willed?  
My very proud, 87 year old mother refuses to leave her home for an assisted living community. She did agree to have a caregiver come over daily to help her with everyday living---maybe five hours a day.

Feeling guilty for not able to visit often as you'd like 
I live hours from my elderly parents and am worried about them. I need someone to look in on them, assess their lifestyle and help me with a care plan---then I might sleep at night. 

Chronic illness  
I have a chronic illness and require some in-home care and errand running.

Errands and transportation
My aunt needs transportation, help  and supervision while at dialysis.

My son is disabled and needs help with his day-to-day. My adult daughter is autistic, lives by herself and needs daily help with living.

After hospital/surgery home care
My wife just had surgery and the doctor said she'd heal faster with surgical aftercare at home.

The baby blues
I just had a baby and need some help a few days a week while I adjust. No one prepared us for postpartum depression after the birth of our son. My wife needs some help at home to help cope better.

Call us today at (972) 390-7579 to talk about your home care needs with one of our caring, professional Care Managers. We look forward to answering all of your questions regarding how SYNERGY HomeCare of Allen, TX assists people with remaining independent at home in Northeast Texas.

Home Care Provides a Helping Hand at Home

Caring for an aging parent or family member can be exhausting, difficult and lonely work – but you are not alone. Thousands of families seek quality senior care every year and find comfort and relief with SYNERGY HomeCare of Allen, TX.

What do you need? 
Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Medication reminders and ensuring correct dosage
  • Personal care services such as bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming
  • Companionship: reading, coloring, storytelling, games, puzzles, movies, lunch dates, etc.
  • Transportation to appointments and errands
  • 24 hour care providing round-the-clock, in-home, non-medical care
  • Memory care
  • Grocery shopping and delivery
  • Home cooked meals
  • Respite care for you to get a break from caring for your loved one all by yourself

Didn’t find what you needed?  Ask us!

 Call SYNERGY HomeCare of Allen Texas

Affordable, Compassionate, Respected Choice: BEST of HOME CARE Award Recipient!

We are an affordable, compassionate and respected home care choice for family caregivers who want to keep their family members at home rather than choosing a nursing home or assisted living facility. From Live-In Care to our short wellness visits, our attentive, dependable caregivers can offer emotional care and quality of life to your loved ones and much needed respite care for you. Our reputation as a quality home care agency is unmatched--we have won the prestigious BEST OF HOME CARE Award each year we have been open.

Best of Home Care 2016 Award

Best Home Care in Northeast Texas

If your senior parent or family member is in Allen, Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Garland, Sachse, Rockwall, Rowlett, Wylie, Lavon, Navada, Royse City, Farmersville, Murphy, Parker, Princeton, Anna, Blue Ridge, and Melissa, give us a call at (972) 390-7579 to talk about your situation with a caring professional. We look forward to answering all of your questions.

Independently owned and operated.

Speaking of answering all the questions you might have about in-home care, we recommend (and so do our clients) that you download this book.

elder care guide cover Is  it time to get your your aging parent(s) some extra help with daily living?

Download this comprehensive guide to learn what to expect as you begin this new journey.
Everything you need to know is in this 52-page e-book, designed for you to navigate the reality of aging loved ones and the benefit of beginning with personal in-home care where they can maintain dignity and morale.


Got Questions? Talk With Us.


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