Finding Proper Senior Care to Assist Your Loved One in Hedwig, TX while You’re on Vacation


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Finding Proper Senior Care to Assist Your Loved One in Hedwig, TX while You’re on Vacation

Senior Care in Hedwig, TXYou’ve been taking care of your elderly mother for the past year. You don’t complain, even though it’s taken a toll on your personal, professional, and family life. Now you’re finally able to take a vacation with your best friend and you worry about your mother during that time. You want to make sure that she is safe while you’re away, so what can you do?

One thing to consider when you’re planning on traveling, and you’re not going to be there with your elderly loved one is to hire the right senior care for them.

Talk to Your Loved One First

It’s important that you talk to your loved one before you make any decisions about his or her care, especially when you’re thinking about hiring senior home services for them. After all, when they are living alone, it’s still their home and they have every right to decide whether they want someone coming to their home, especially if you’re away.

If your elderly mother, for example, doesn’t want to consider senior care services, then you can talk to her about looking into a temporary stay at an assisted living facility. She might very well prefer to stay at home. Depending on her ability to care for herself and be safe, she may be more than capable of managing for a week or two without you.

However, if you know that it would be best to have someone there with her, then contact a home care agency and gather as much information about the services that they provide. Then you can talk to your elderly loved one again and answer the questions that she may have.

When it comes to senior care, you may also consider contacting the local senior center to find out if they offer transportation services to and from the senior center. There may also be adult day services through other organizations that your mother could be involved in. These organizations may be open from the early morning to the evening, and they would allow your mother to spend time with other elderly individuals, taking part in any number of fun activities.

Traveling can be a stressful time, especially when you’re worried about a loved one back home. Take the stress out of the situation and take charge by talking to them about hiring senior care. You’ll enjoy your trip much more in the long run.

Mike Willett
Mike Willett

Michael Willett is the owner of the Synergy HomeCare Central Houston office, but is also the Regional Director for Synergy HomeCare in South Texas.  He currently acts as the owner and co-administrator of his owned & operated Synergy HomeCare franchise, but also develops the Synergy HomeCare franchise throughout Texas.  Mr. Willett joined Synergy HomeCare in August of 2006 and has built a very successful franchise over the past seven years.  Synergy HomeCare now has seven locations in Houston/Beaumont, Texas region, and plans to expand into several additional Texas markets within the next 12 months. Prior to his entrepreneurial venture into Synergy HomeCare, Mr. Willett was a portfolio manager for a Houston-based Investment Management firm.

Specialties: Mr. Willett is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.  After graduating from undergraduate school in 1993, Mr. Willett accepted a position as an analyst within the Valuation Service Group of Price Waterhouse in Chicago, Illinois.  Mr. Willett spent three years in financial consulting before transitioning into the world of investment management.

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