Top Exercise Machines to Make Part of Your Senior Care Plan


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Top Exercise Machines to Make Part of Your Senior Care Plan

Senior Care in Cypress, TX

Senior Care in Cypress, TXNo matter what your age, your body benefits from physical activity. For your seniors, maintaining a physically active lifestyle means better mobility, fewer aches and pains, lower risk of a wide variety of diseases, and improved mental and emotional health. There are many ways that you can boost the amount of exercise you work into your senior care plan with your aging loved ones, but one of the most effective is having exercise machines in the home.

By giving your aging parents continuous access the exercise machines that are safe and comfortable for them to use, you make it easier for them to add more physical activity to their day. Even just a few extra minutes of exercise each day can add up to tremendous benefits, and having these machines right in the home means you or their senior health care services provider can encourage activity when it is not feasible or desirable to leave the home.

If you want to make home exercise machines part of your senior care plan for your aging parents, it is important that you choose ones that are safe, healthy, and comfortable for them to use. Taking into consideration any physical or mobility limitations that they may have allows you to choose machines that will give them beneficial activity with reduced risk of injury. 

Some of the exercise machines often recommended for seniors include:

• Recumbent bikes. Bike riding is a fun workout for all ages, but if you are choosing what type of stationary bike you should put in your parents' home, experts usually recommend a recumbent design. This is the type of bike that has a chair-like seat and pedals positioned in front of the rider, as opposed to traditional bikes that feature a regular bike seat and pedals beneath them. Recumbent bikes are easier and safer to get on and off of, and the riding experience is more comfortable and less stressful on the joints.

• Elliptical machines. The smooth, gliding motion of elliptical machines is fantastic for the joints, offering conditioning and strengthening without harsh impact, and boosting cardiovascular health. Full-size elliptical machines can be extremely large and expensive, but there are compact versions available that can even be used sitting down for those seniors who have balance or stamina issues.

• Treadmills. The old stand-by home exercise machine is still one of the most desirable. Walking is a great exercise for burning calories, increasing heart health, and nurturing the joints, but going outside for a long stroll is not always feasible. A treadmill allows your parents to walk as much as they would like without encountering the heat, humidity, rain, pests, or other potential problems outside. Many treadmills also offer features that change elevation, speed, and resistance so they can increase the intensity of their exercise as they see fit. For the more adventurous senior, look for treadmills that feature a screen and satellite photograph function. This lets your senior choose a location throughout the world and then watch the screen as it shows the surroundings of that location. The treadmill automatically adjusts its elevation and intensity to go along with the topographical details of the chosen location, letting your parents feel like they are walking in that place.

Before you get your parents started on any exercise routine, make sure that you get in touch with their doctor and review any problems they may have that could impact what exercises or machines would be appropriate for them.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from the help of senior care in Cypress,TX, contact the caregivers at SYNERGY HomeCare. We help seniors and their families with many levels of home care service. Call (281) 407-1200 for more information.

Chad Jolley
Chad Jolley

As the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of Houston and as a son trying disparately to find help for his parents, Mr. Jolley has worked within the senior healthcare field for over a decade. Beginning his work overseeing the care of his father who became critically ill following a stroke in 2004, he has continued to develop his expertise by aiding seniors, adult disabled and veterans in their search for truly compassionate and dependable care through SYNERGY HomeCare. Mr. Jolley received his designation as a Certified Senior Adviser in 2007 and continues to use his years of knowledge and experience to help other families find the care and peace of mind they need.

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