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The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Retired Dads in Northwest Houston

If you are like a lot of people you may struggle with what to get your dad for Father’s Day. Dad may tell you he doesn’t need or want anything at all. That does not help! You want to honor Dad on Father’s Day. But you don’t know what to do.

The truth is, every dad is different. They have different likes and dislikes. But there is one thing that every Dad wants and craves. Your time and attention. That means more than anything in the world to him. Let’s look at some ways that you can incorporate a cool gift with a bit of your time. Create a memorable Father’s Day this year for Dad.

Lawn Service and Lunch Out With You

A lot of men in their 60’s and beyond are tired of doing yard work. Mowing, edging, weeding, and clipping is a lot of work. Dad may be slowing down due to health issues or he may just not like doing it anymore.

You could offer to do it for him. But chances are you are very busy. Trying to keep up with your yard and home is enough. Adding another yard would be a real challenge. Consider hiring a yard company to do the work each week. If that is too expensive hire them to come every other week. This will take a load off of Dad’s shoulders.

Now add the personal touch.

Since Dad is not having to do the yard work, and you aren’t either, take him to lunch. A weekly or monthly lunch or a breakfast date with just the two of you would be a real treat.

If you have siblings you could each pick a different day of the month to take Dad out. Your time will mean all the world to Dad.


Adventure Trips

If your Dad is the adventuresome type Texas has some fun adventures to pursue.

Ziplining is one activity that is a huge hit with a lot of folks. And there are some amazing Ziplines close by.


The longest and fastest zip line in Texas is in Austin. Zip over lake Travis at amazing speeds. Visit Lake Travis Zipline Adventures for more information. Zip over to a private beach and spend the afternoon. Take a boat ride back. It will be a Father’s Day gift Dad will long remember. They also over nighttime zips for a different kind of adventure. A google search will also show a lot of other options for ziplining in Texas.

Helicopter Rides

Did you know that right here in Houston Texas you can take a helicopter ride? The "H-TOWN EXPRESS" is a straight shot to the heart of the city... a loop over our esteemed Medical Center... and then a race back to Hobby Airport. National Helicopter Solutions boasts a perfect safety record.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Air Texas Balloon Adventures offers both private and group flights. Take dad on this special adventure he will not likely forget. Plan to get up early in the morning, however. Balloon Rides in Houston happen around sunrise.

Sky Dive

For the really adventuresome dad who is still in great health, this may be another option. Sky Dive Houston has a location in Waller. This could make an awesome gift.

Indoor skydiving experiences are now available in The Woodlands. I-Fly Houston is a fun adventure the whole family can enjoy.

Other activities dad may enjoy that are close by including parasailing in Galveston, Top Golf in The Woodlands. In Conroe, there are a lot of adventures to be had on the lake. Try Hydro Rockets, rent jet skis, pontoon boats and more. You can also hire a fishing guide for an adventure. Visit Conroe website has a list of adventures to try. These are the best Father’s Day gifts!

A Month’s Worth of Home Cooked Meals From You.

If Dad lives alone he would probably really appreciate this gift. Cooking for yourself is not always fun. You could do the whole month at once and package individual portions for dad to freeze. Or offer to bring dad 4 or 5 meals every Sunday to enjoy the following week.

Just remember to honor your gift and follow through. Don’t offer more than you can handle. Maybe you can only offer two meals a week. That’s okay. Anything will be appreciated.

Fitness Memberships


A fit body and mind will help dad to stay independent for a long time. The YMCA offers special programs for seniors. There are plenty of other gyms that Dad may like also. Find a place close to where he lives. That will make it easier for him to attend.

Also look for places like the YMCA that have a lot of seniors attending. That way dad will not only get a good workout he may also meet some new friends. Social connections have been shown to help keep the mind sharp.


Friday Night Date


Plan a date night once or twice a month with dad. Take him out to eat and maybe to a movie. Another option is a car show.

The NiftieFifties Classic Car Shows are always a hit. They have a new location in The Woodlands. Dad could probably spend hours looking at these old cars and talking with the owners. Grab a good old-fashioned hamburger before or after the event to round out the evening. Knowing that he has something to look forward will really lift his spirits.

Raised Gardening Beds


If Dad used to love gardening but has stopped the problem could be his mobility. Hire someone to make some raised beds for him.  Have them designed to be chair height so he can easily sit and garden. Buy a few plants, some soil and spend the day with him getting it all set up. You may just revive an old passion and hobby. And this can increase his independent years. Having a hobby Dad enjoys will keep him active.

Buy Dad An I-Pad to Connect


When you live far away it can often be more difficult to connect sometimes. Technology can help. Get dad an I-Pad and teach him how to Facetime you. Then set up a pre-scheduled time each week to connect. You could even connect while watching your favorite ball game together. 

While it isn’t as good as actually being together it can sure make connecting with Dad easier. The key is when you schedule a time make sure you honor your commitment. Dad will be looking forward to that weekly get together. Put it on your schedule and give it the importance it deserves.

Plan A Trip for Dad to Come for a Visit


Bring Dad to your home for a week. If you can take the whole week off that is great! But if you can’t it’s okay too. He will understand if you have to work a few days. But try to schedule two or three weekdays or afternoons off to do some sightseeing or just hang out. Schedule transportation with a friend or Uber so dad can meet you at the office to go to lunch together one day. He will probably love having the opportunity to see where you work and meet your colleagues.

You don’t have to plan a lot of activities. Dad will probably be happy to just hang out with you. Playing cards together or watching a favorite program will mean a lot. After all, it is really about taking the time to show you care. Even having dinner with you in the evening will be a treat for your dad if he is used to eating alone at home.

A Few Hours of Extra Help with Homecare Services

If you notice that everyday activities are becoming a struggle for dad consider home care services. Daily chores can become a drudgery when you have to do everything yourself. And if your father is taking care of his spouse he will really need some help.

Furthermore, he may be too proud to admit it or to ask for help. After all, he is your dad. He is supposed to be the superhero. Accepting and admitting that he needs help may not come easily.

Step into this gingerly.

Remember Dad is proud. You may want to start off just hiring a home care agency to come one or two days a week. Have specific tasks lined out to help Dad. Grocery shopping and meal planning may be two areas he would appreciate help with. Once he becomes comfortable with the service additional hours can be added.

Tell dad you are giving him the gift of time because you believe he is worth it! A few hours of help so he can do something else that he likes to do. SYNERGY HomeCare offers assistance with Light Housekeeping, Meals, Errands and Transportation and so much more!


So, whatever you choose to give Dad for Father’s Day this year make sure you include your time. The Best Father’s Day gift will always be a gift of your time.

Kathryn Watson
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