Video series: how to live your best life using non-medical home care


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Videos to help you live your best life

Benefits of Pet Ownership and Things to Come

It's probably best to watch this before you actually bring a new pet home!
Carla talks about the many ways pets help us to reduce stress, maintain emotional health and what you should consider before becoming a pet owner.

 Finding Hope: Changing Roles and Responsibilities of the Care Partner

Your partner has been diagnosed with a degenerative condition. What happens now between you and them? You're still the same people you were moments ago, right? This webinar focuses on the questions relationships are often confronted with when a diagnosis becomes part of your family. Learn what you can do for yourself, each other and what professional resources are available to you. Looking for more resources? Here are a few you can check out today.

How to Minimize the Risk and Enhance your Independence with Home Modifications

There's no place like home - and no place that most seniors would rather be. However, the way that your home is set up can create obstacles and increase your risk of a fall or other injury that decreases one's independence. Learn about new technological advances that can be incorporated into the home that can offer a sense of security to both seniors and their family member.

Myth vs Fact: Mental Health Concerns in the Senior Population

Changes in one's mental health is not a normal part of aging, yet societal views on aging often create an environment that challenges how we view, diagnose and treat seniors with mental health concerns. This webinar will explore the myths and facts on mental health and the senior population. Additionally, the presentation will explore why contrary to the belief that aging itself is depressing, many studies have found that seniors are among the happiest age group.


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