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Arthritis care at home  
arthritic hands trying to open pill bottle

Do your aging parents have trouble opening prescription bottles?

It may be you or a loved one such as a spouse or aging parents suffering from debilitating arthritis. Whomever it is, you worry about them, what they're going through and how they're getting along living by themselves. Do you ever feel guilty for not spending enough time with them?

At SYNERGY HomeCare of San Antonio, we can help with lifestyle changes such as doctor-sanctioned exercise, diet, heat, ice and even massage. These are a few of the known pain-soothing tools we can use to help your loved one suffering from arthritis.  

Our care will help with your peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is being well cared for.

10 ways SYNERGY HomeCare of San Antonio can help you or your loved one live a better life in their own home

Arthritis can make life tougher for seniors, but there are ways to cope. Seniors who are struggling to deal with their arthritis on top of the daily responsibilities of life might benefit enormously from home care services. 

  1. Our caregivers help with chores and maintenance around the house.
    Scrubbing, sweeping, dusting, changing light bulbs and air filters — all the normal chores of home maintenance become more difficult for somebody with arthritis. Our caregivers take over housekeeping tasks for their client, ensuring their client doesn't have to hurt themselves keeping up their home.
  1. We provide transportation to run errands or go to doctor's appointments.
    Driving can become difficult or impossible for seniors with arthritis. Caregivers can help their clients continue to go to the doctor, shop for groceries and do all the other errands they're accustomed to doing. LEARN HOW WE WILL BE YOUR HEALTH ADVOCATE AT THE DOCTOR
  1. Let our caregivers prepare meals.
    For seniors with arthritis in their hands, cooking can be painful and difficult, which could lead to not eating enough, or choosing unhealthy packaged food that doesn't require much preparation. Our caregivers can prevent both of these outcomes by cooking fresh, nutritious meals for their clients.  
  1. Our caregivers can remind your loved one to take their medication.
    Never forget to take their medications and stop struggling to get medication bottles open with our caregivers to assist.
  1. Our caregivers can help clients with exercises that improve their range of motion.
    Doing the right exercises can help seniors with arthritis maintain their range of motion for as long as possible.  
  1. Home care services can help seniors maintain an active social life.
    Seeing friends and loved ones can give seniors with arthritis a much-needed mood boost and even distract them from their pain. Our caregivers can help their client get out of the house and visit people on a regular basis.
  1. Caregivers can encourage seniors to stay active in whatever capacity they can.
    It's important for people with arthritis to exercise. Sitting still can actually make the disease worse. Our caregivers can encourage clients to walk, swim or engage in other exercises that are gentle on the joints.
  1. Home care ensures that seniors with arthritis can get the rest they need. 
    It's important for seniors with arthritis to get plenty of rest when their joints start to hurt. Our caregivers ensure that seniors can sit down and take a break when they need to.
  1. Our caregivers help clients deal with arthritis pain through relaxation, meditation and other techniques.
    Caregivers can provide mental techniques, like guided relaxation, meditation a deep-breathing session when their symptoms flare up.    
  1. Our non-medical caregivers can make a client's living environment safer and more arthritis-friendly.
    People with arthritis are at increased risk for falling and injuring themselves at home. Our caregivers make their client's house safer by keeping floors clear of tripping hazards, ensuring that areas are well-lit and placing items where their clients can reach without struggle.

How we help with depression

We also help with the emotional challenges related to living with arthritis. We are experienced in identifying symptoms of depression, anxiety and/or a feeling of helplessness and using our skills to help change gears.  

Helping with emotional challenges related to living with arthritis
Depression, anxiety and/or a feeling of helplessness can surface, as they are no longer able to do things they used to do. Isolation can manifest as well, as they can feel all alone. Add stress from chronic pain and life can be a little unbearable at times. We make life more enjoyable for our clients and provide peace of mind for you.

Our caregivers use the following tools to help your loved one be their best self:
Listen and empathize
There is magic in communication. We encourage them to talk about how they are feeling, including any concerns or fears. You’d be surprised how healthy communication can turn around depression.

Plan some outings
Like lunch out, or a short shopping trip, or just a time to read together. This can help your loved one feel less isolated and alone. 

Run a warm bubble bath
Where they can listen to music and relax. 

Encourage some movement
If they’re able, ask them to go for a short walk with you outside. 

It can lift spirits and lessen pain.  

Research shows that regular massage can reduce pain and stiffness and improve range of motion and joint function. An added bonus is that massage also reduces anxiety, a common accompaniment to chronic pain.

Address sleep difficulties 
Pain robs sleep. And fatigue increases pain. We try to persuade them to avoid caffeine and alcohol, which disturb sleep. And share some minutes of soft music, deep breathing and warm milk before going to sleep in a cool, dark room. 


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