Music therapy soothes dementia agitation


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Using music to calm your loved one
who has dementia

elderly woman with headphones on eyes shut hands covering ears very content

Although your loved one may have difficulty with language, cognition or even motor control, music and brain function research has revealed that music triggers certain networks of the brain that benefit dementia patients.

For example, when you’re driving in your car and a song from your high school days takes you back to that time with vivid memories, doesn’t it bring a smile to your face?  Same concept for dementia patients.

Music therapists work with family members, caregivers and patients to find the best music to improve memory, reduce agitation or improve cognitive skills. This can have immediate physical benefits.

Music therapy is a research based methodology, commonly used as an intervention for people living with dementia to reduce agitated behavior and improve communication. 

If you can’t have a music therapist visit your loved one with dementia, you can still successfully incorporate music activities into their life. Regular music sessions with familiar music is a terrific way to influence mood and behavior.

Some dementia patients can’t remember the names of their loved ones or what their relationship is, but you’ll be surprised that they can remember all the words to their favorite songs.It’s almost as if they’ve gone into the past and frozen time while they enjoy their music memories. 

Music therapy can often provide temporary relief from pain and help recover lost memories.

How you can give the gift of music
to your loved one

It’s as simple as making playlists of their favorite songs and burning them on a CD so you loved one can play it when they want to listen to music.

These CDs will be helpful for you, too, to play for them when they might be experiencing a high level of agitation. 

You can even make playlists on a streaming music platform like Amazon Music, where you can listen to playlists directly from your computer or Amazon Echo speaker.

Music will bring back memories, creating a meaningful experience where they will experience a level of joy.

Ask us about incorporating music therapy for your loved one with dementia into their care plan.

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