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Are you going to get Shingles?

Hello Boomer!  Are you going to get a case of Shingles?  When I was a young boy (late 50's, early 60's), it was common practice for moms to hear about a friend's child having Chicken Pox.  Everybody was loaded up in the car and visited the child with Chicken Pox.  Mom had a good idea!

Mom wanted her children to get a case of Chicken Pox early in age, as it was much more dangerous to contract Chicken Pox as an adult.  The issue now? 

Now we know, the chicken pox virus lays dormant for 40 - 50 years and then can come back as a case of Shingles.  Some research shows that 1 of 3 persons in their 80's will develop Shingles. 

I recently got my Shingles vaccination.  It does not guarantee I will not get Shingles, but I read it decreases my chance of gettig the skin desease by over 50%.  Even if I get Shingles, my outbreak will hopeflly be much less with the vaccination. 

It's easy to get the vaccination.  Doctors, retail grocery stores, pharmacies, and Costco will give you the vaccination.  Don't wait, get vaccinated as soon as you can.

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