Got Problems? We solve them!


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Got Problems? We solve them!

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Got Problems?  We solve them!


Problems related to parents who are “acting out”,  frail seniors, in-home care, elderly parents, home health aides, caregivers, respite for family care givers, adult day care, poor hygiene, dementia, family squabbles, household chores, lonely mom, demanding dad, bad money management…the list goes on.


Why do we want your problems? Because WE CAN HELP! I have some personal and professional experience that I’d like to share with you...

First, you have to know that my mother was a major league narcissist. (Read some of my previous blogs for that story!) I didn’t realize it when I was a kid, but she’s not the only mom who was pathologically self-centered. Now that I work with elder clients every day I realize that there are other moms (and dads) that are narcissistic, behave badly, etc. – and the aging process seems to accentuate some of those negative traits. I’m passionate about helping families work through their difficulties – and finding solutions that work for everyone.

Secondly, before I started SYNERGY HomeCare of Seattle a number of years ago, my career revolved around fixing problems, creating efficiencies and ensuring quality results. I was serious about getting the job done – and done right!  I assure you that I bring the same tenacious work-ethic with me now when I work with seniors and their families.


Recently, one of our lonely clients who is a widow living alone, needed to have her furnace repaired on a cold day and her rug cleaned after she had an embarrassing problem in her home. We took care of her concerns in less than 3 hours.

Another client had a problem with the person assigned to manage her trust. She did not know what to do. She thought the trustee was not interested in what she wanted. We set her up with a law firm that charges a flat fee (fair with a good reputation) and arranged for change of Power of Attorney, a modified will and a change of trustees. She now is much more relaxed and has been able to drop her anxiety medications. She also needed someone to sell her car. We sold it for her to a lovely 19 year old young woman who fell in love with our client. Now they are friends and visit weekly.

So if you are in uncharted waters and feeling run down and unsure where to turn, try giving us a call. We are fine with talking in the evening or on weekends -- whatever is convenient for you.

I doubt that you could bring an issue related to aging parents that I haven’t dealt with, and that’s why I know I can help you solve your senior-care related problems. Give me a call…let’s talk about it.

All the best,

Ray Fitzgibbon, General Manager, SYNERGY HomeCare of Seattle


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