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Ray Dear Reader, Below you will find an un-edited report  from one of our in-home caregivers. I felt it was  important to share this with you, unabridged, so you can  see for yourself the outstanding care and assistance our  folks provide on a routine basis. Adult children of our  clients, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN WHO LIVE OUT-OF-TOWN, rely on us to “check, check and check again” before a caregiver leaves a shift. We’ve been told, repeatedly, that this kind of extra attention and caring is why we were chosen over the competition. I encourage you to read Dora-Faye’s routine account of a routine day. If you have an aging parent or loved-one living in another city…this account will warm your heart.  All the best, Ray Fitzgibbon, General Manager, 206.420.4934


"Arriving at the house shortly after 11AM, I met Jennifer walking out.  She said neither Marie or Bill felt well today and neither wanted to go anywhere and didn't have anything around the house that needed to be done. I asked if they'd both had breakfast and their medications (including Marie's ear drops) and Jennifer answered yes.  So, both Jennifer and I left; I called Mary Jo at Synergy just minutes later and was told that someone needed to be with Sessions at the house, especially Bill, in case he changed his mind and wanted to go somewhere.

I returned to the house, rang the bell; Bill answered and welcomed me in, telling me Marie was in the living room; both were dressed in 'at-home' wear.  He sat down in front of the TV; Marie and I sat and visited for some time. She confirmed that neither of them felt up-to-par, that they didn't want to go anywhere. and that there was nothing we could do for them, not even prepare lunch. We talked about why Juana wasn't there and she expressed concern for Juana's son. 

Marie said it was "awfully sweet" of Jennifer to offer to check in by phone later and of me for caring to stay with them and offer to help.  I told her that our office had requested that because of the arrangement they had made with Dian (Marie and Bill’s daughter). Marie said Dian had broken her ankle over the holiday weekend and had problems of her own to address and didn't have to be concerned for her and Bill. She said Synergy was a very good service (but she'd forgotten the name) and I explained that the name itself indicated a cooperation of people working together and in doing that we were able to help people stay in their own homes and still have someone look in on them and help them with things that needed to be done. She liked that and said that was very important - for them to be able to stay in their own home.

After talking again with Mary Jo at the office and receiving permission to leave if I was sure Bill didn't want to go anywhere, I asked Bill if I could fix him a sandwich or soup for lunch. He said no, his head hurt a little and he was going to stay home and "wait it out" and didn't want any lunch. I offered to find some Tylenol but he turned that down too.  I saw him eat a banana (Marie said he had eaten some cereal earlier) and I encouraged her to eat her breakfast that she had fixed but not eaten earlier (cold cereal with peaches and milk). She was uncomfortable eating while I was there so offered me something and gave me some string cheese and we talked about the news in the paper while she ate. While in the kitchen I noticed that she had not taken her 'after-breakfast' pills so she took them, double-checking the day of the week, while I was there.

Afterwards, I left, reminding her to eat again soon and asked about Bill's lunch.  She said she 'couldn't make him eat' and that he would find something when he was ready.  I told her I would be back later in the week and maybe we could do something together then. "

Dora-Faye Hendricks



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