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March 16, 2021

Home care providers take on a great deal of responsibility. In this industry, trust is essential. Serving and caring for other people is quite rewarding and home care providers can build amazing relationships with the clients they support. But to be able to provide the best service and client satisfaction, communication is critical.

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March 01, 2021

Maintaining independence later in life is often a great self-esteem booster that promotes a sense of self-worth, well-being and achievement – which are all incredibly valuable for aging adults who feel as if they have very little control of life changes that come with age. 

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February 03, 2021

Remember when you were excited to grow up and be independent, making your own life decisions?  Oh, those rites of passage— wearing makeup or shaving. That was a long time ago and the memories are indelible.

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February 02, 2021

When a loved one is affected by dementia, everyone around them is affected. Children of elderly parents often find themselves struggling with how to handle the emotional extremes and outbursts that often come with dementia. Symptoms of dementia show up as memory loss, confusion, disorientation, and intense anger. Anger and aggression are the symptoms that can be challenging to manage for any caregiver, not just children of a parent with dementia. 

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January 12, 2021

The Pros and Cons

The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of people on edge, particularly those who are concerned with the well-being of loved ones at high-risk of contracting the virus. The CDC states “The risk for severe illness with COVID-19 increases with age, with older adults at highest risk. Severe illness means that a person diagnosed with COVID-19 may require hospitalization, intensive care, a ventilator to help them breathe or may even die.” 

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