Humor for Health


Humor for Health

There is a medicine that is proven to strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, reduce your pain, and help diminish stress.  Even better, it’s free and comes naturally; it’s laughter.

Humor is a wonderful thing. We are born knowing how to laugh; infants often smile only weeks after birth, and begin laughing after several months.  Laughter promotes physical, mental and emotional health. When you laugh, your body relaxes, which eases physical tension and stress.  Believe it or not, laughter can even reduce pain.

Negative emotions can grow from feelings of loneliness, but laughter and companionship can make it easier to cope with stress.  Laughter increases the amount of “feel good” chemicals in your body, such as immune cells, antibodies and endorphins.

If laughter is already part of your daily life, share it with your loved ones in need.  Giving care is more than helping with a person’s daily activities; health and happiness are also important. By incorporating humor into your caregiving, you can uplift your elderly or chronically ill relative with a positive outlook on life.

All too often, we forget to laugh when going through tough times.  When a family member receives a painful diagnosis or you struggle with daily tasks, it can be difficult to find humor in anything.  Sometimes, having someone to laugh with who can help you with your challenges is just what you need to start feeling healthy and happy again.  Many of our caregivers are companions to seniors or disabled veterans who live alone.  A strong bond between caregiver and client is often a buffer against detrimental stress and tension.

Humor is one of the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle.  Learn more about living healthy on FacebookTwitter, and our blog.

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