Quality of Life at End of Life

In the healthcare arena, one of the most conflicted subjects is the issue of care at the end of life. From life support to life expectancy, patients and families alike are part of life and death decisions. A 2008 report from the Hospice Association of America shows that across the US population, more people of every race, age and condition arechoosing hospice and palliative care services over ongoing hospital treatments. In a report on palliative care for lung cancer patients, The New England Journal of Medicinesays, “early palliative care led to significant improvements in both quality of life and mood. As compared with patients receiving early palliative care had less aggressive care at the end of life but longer survival”.

While it is physically and emotionally difficult, the end of life is a natural part of being human. There comes a time when traditional medicine can no longer treat symptoms; it can only provide comfort. Hospice services allow people to have peace instead of pain and most importantly, their home environment instead of a hospital facility. Hospice is a great source of comfort for people who want to pass with ease and families who want only the best quality of life for their loved ones.

Hospice is one more way for a person to receive high quality care in their home. When I think of hospice, it brings to mind old movies that show a doctor or a nurse at the bedside of a loved patient. While medical procedures have changed, hospice remains the same. This does not meant that it is old fashioned or outdated; it shows that the need for compassionate care at home has been highly valued for a long time. SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers keep these value alive while being that bedside companionship, that hand of help, and that source of comfort. When hospice is supplemented by home care, people can benefit from medication reminders, round-the-clock care, light housekeeping and meal preparation. Families can receive alerts when their loved one has a change in condition, and respite from worry and care.

At SYNERGY HomeCare, we enhance quality of life at every age and in every home. If you are concerned with the quality of life of your hospice patients, contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare to find out more about how we can give a well-rounded care experience. Sincerely, Peter Tourian

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