Hospice 101


Hospice 101

When people hear the word “hospice” they usually think of end of life care provided in hospitals and nursing facilities.  In actuality, hospice is most often provided in the homes of individuals.

The hospice care philosophy is to provide excellent physical and emotional care to people nearing the end of their lives, particularly by helping the patient to be as comfortable as possible.

Part of hospice care is often palliative care, which is dedicated to helping relieve and prevent the suffering of patients. Medications administered to patients receiving palliative care are for pain management rather than for treating and attempting to correct sickness. However, palliative care can also be offered along with care and medications that are designed to treat sickness.

Many hospice patients choose to receive care in their own homes because hospice is mostly about comfort of for individuals nearing the end of life. People receiving hospice and palliative care are often seeking relief from the physical and emotional end of life challenges.  These may include:

    • Alleviation of pain
    • Nausea and fatigue
    • Stress
    • Emotional struggles (such as depression)

Because hospice caters to people nearing the end of life, there tends to be a need for emotional support for care recipient and their family members alike. Patients receiving hospice care often struggle with many different emotional complications, including facing the reality of their illness and difficulties with family. Hospice nurses or SYNERGY Homecare caregivers can

    • Help patients to understand what to expect with their illness
    • Encourage open communication between the patient and family members in order to strengthen family bonds and resolve conflicts
    • Talk with the patient about what is important during their current time in life and also discuss what the future holds
    • Communicate with family members about their own personal stresses and anxieties regarding their loved one

The ultimate goal in hospice care is to achieve heightened quality of life.  At SYNERGY HomeCare, we share that goal, and provide supplemental hospice care. To find out more about we can serve your family with hospice care call us at 877-553-6219.

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