Coming Home for the Holidays


Coming Home for the Holidays

One of the most joyous aspects of the winter holidays is visiting long-unseen relatives. Since many families are separated by long distances, young and middle aged family members often notice significant changes to their elderly loved one’s well being during holiday visits.

If you are concerned about your aging loved one, following are some signs to look for that may indicate additional support is needed:

    • Difficulty walking or getting around
    • Home is less clean and orderly than usual
    • Unpaid bills or collection notices
    • Personal appearance is messy
    • Spoiled food in the refrigerator or pantry
    • Lots of medications are scattered throughout the home
    • Their car has an increased number of dings and dents
    • Difficulty with eyesight
    • Forgetfulness or memory loss
    • Significant weight loss or weight gain
    • Signs of sadness and depression (especially for seniors who live alone)
    • Mentions of daily tasks becoming difficult

If you notice some of these signs in your loved ones, your loved one may need additional help around the home. If you live far from your loved one, don’t stress, there are a variety of elder care solutions.  Home care is an affordable option that helps your loved one remain living in their home by providing in-home assistance with instrumental activities of daily living such as providing transportation, light housework, grocery shopping, preparing meals and arranging outside services.

Your senior loved one’s well being is important to us.  Even if you live far away from your senior loved one, a local SYNERGY HomeCare office is here to help.  Happy Holidays!

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