Last Minute Gift Ideas for Grandparents


Last Minute Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Every year we stumble across the conundrum of what gift to get that one special person for the winter holidays. But what if that person is beyond Rolex watches and box collections of John Wayne or Greta Garbo movies on dvd? What do you get the person who has seen it all, been there and done that at least three times if not more?

Life is in the details. And this year for the holidays we’ve compiled a quick list of ideas to help you come up with the perfect gift that will resonate in their heart for years to come.

Gifts with a Personal Touch

    • A collage of Christmases past.  Put together a padded, fabric covered photo board that easily allows for pictures to be changed and added. Start the collection of photographs by filling it with pictures of family and friends from over the years.
    • Decorations.  Depending on your loved ones situation, set up their holiday decorations with them, taking over any unmanageable tasks like heavy lifting. It will provide a great opportunity to get to know them as each of you shares memories. Just don’t forget to help them put away decorations after the New Year!
    • Scrapbook.  Sift through your loved ones photographs and put together a scrapbook album showcasing the photos. Or work together and create a legacy book of accomplishments. What better way to gather and protect all these memories in one place than in a book designed by you?
    • Chore Coupons.  Create coupons with various chores written upon each square. Offer up your services to clean the gutters, take care of the lawn, clean the outside windows, and vacuum and mop behind heavy furniture and appliances. Help your loved one out around the house in anyway that you can.

Hobbies and Crafts

    • Find out what your loved one likes to do in their spare time and get them accessories, supplies, and/or tools that they can use for their crafting. Whether it is for gardening, paper crafts, sewing, knitting, or model building there is always something fun that they could use.
    • Find out what interests them and start a kit with basic tools, supplies, and storage for them to begin their adventure discovering a new hobby.
    • Take a class with them at the community center or crafting store and learn with them as they add to their crafting skill repertoire.

Edible Gifts

    • If possible, make sure they are involved with the fun food festivities of the holiday. From baking cookies to making Great-Grandma’s Christmas pudding.
    • If it’s not possible for them to join the family festivities, bring over those baked goods and home cooked dishes for them to enjoy over a glass of eggnog. Just be sure to bring only as much as they can eat so that the food does not spoil.
    • Gift Certificate for Grocery Stores who delivery or can purchase goods online.

General Ideas

    • Magazine or Book Subscriptions.
    • Gift cards for clothing or other items they might need.
    • Jigsaw Puzzles.
    • Sudokus, crosswords, or word search puzzles.

No matter what you give to your grandparents this year for the Holidays, remember that thoughtfulness goes a long way and no item can beat the timelessness of spending quality time with your loved ones over the holidays.

However, when that’s not possible, please contact SYNERGY HomeCare at 1-800-230-4851 to find out ways to ensure your loved one is not alone for the holidays.

Happy Holidays and have a Safe New Year!

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