10 Tips for Brain Health


10 Tips for Brain Health

An estimated 5 million people have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia today.  By 2050, a projected 16 million people will have these diseases.  This is a big concern for many people as they age.  One of the best ways to prevent memory loss is keep an active mind.  Protecting your “Brain Health” is one way to slow down or prevent memory loss.

If you are concerned about your brain health, there are a few low-cost and easy ways to promote your ongoing mental acuity, even in your senior years.  These 10 tip for brain health are provided in a 2007 report from Leilani Doty, PhD, Director of the University of Florida Cognitive & Memory Disorder Clinics.

Intellectual Stimulation

    • Read and discuss books, news and Alzheimer’s information with a group of friends.
    • Challenge yourself mentally  by doing crosswords, jigsaw puzzles or math puzzles daily
    • Learn something new every day

Social Interaction

    • Visit with friends
    • Make new friends

Keep Active

    • Have a hobby
    • Exercise

Be Creative

    • Play a musical instrument or listen to music
    • Do arts and crafts or building projects

By staying intellectually, physically, socially and creatively well-rounded, you will keep each part of your brain active.  If you are concerned about memory loss,  have regular checkups with your family physician.

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