A Dedication to the Greatest Generation

Hello friends and families,

About ninety years ago, a group of children were raised who would eventually shape the modern lives of everyone in the United States.  These people bravely endured the Great Depression and faced the conflict of World War II.  After many governmental, medical and technological breakthroughs, they have contributed to the positive changes that have occurred in the past century.  Today, as their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, it is important that we honor their service and protect their best-interest, as they once protected ours.

When we put ourselves in the shoes of the Greatest Generation, we might feel pride for our accomplishments as we look back on a full and eventful life.  While the complications of elder age may seem like a natural course of events, they are often disheartening for senior family members.

Many of the aging population connect difficulty with mobility, dexterity, or memory with the end of their freedom and the end-of-life.  It can be frightening for the aging population to face these challenges and it is important that we, as their caregivers enable them to continue leading rewarding and active lives.

I hold the highest respect for the Greatest Generation, and constructed Synergy HomeCare’s caregiving system to treat them with the utmost dignity.  As we reach out to new families each day and coordinate the best care attainable for their aging loved ones, we aim to give senior relatives the sense of freedom and expression that they want to retain throughout their elder years.  Whether you care for our elders in professional or domestic settings, please know that you are valued as you serve the Greatest Generation.


Peter Tourian


Synergy HomeCare

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