Socializing with Home Care


Socializing with Home Care

The newest place for home care is closer than you think – your social networks.

A growing number of people are fans and followers of home care agencies onFacebookTwitter and YouTube.  The home care industry has been trending up in social network activity, but recent upgrades from Facebook has given it the momentum it needs to truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Here are the top 5 reasons people are socializing with home care agencies

5. Instant Access – A Facebook or Twitter page gives you all the information you need to know – from the types of services offered to contact information.  It is also a great place to communicate with your home care company.

4. Daily resources – Since home care companies care for people of all ages and conditions, they offer a good variety of tips, tricks, and interesting articles that pertain to different age groups, diseases and abilities.

3. Viewable content – People want to be familiar with who is caring for them.  To help people feel more comfortable, home care companies share pictures from events, outreach efforts and office staff.

SYNERGY HomeCare Facebook Welcome page2. Local Reach – From the corporate page of a home care company, you should be able to locate and access your local office’s social page or website. Synergy HomeCare built a tool that helps you find the closest location quickly and efficiently.

1. Interactivity – the best home care companies will have an interactive page that directs you to everything home care.  The Synergy HomeCare welcome page does everything from helping you find information about home care to connecting with someone you can talk to.  Facebook users can ask SYNERGY questions about home care or how to obtain help, and Synergy HomeCare will answer quickly.

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