On Topic with Parkinson’s Disease


On Topic with Parkinson’s Disease

Hello Friends and Family,

It happens at least once per generation; a shocking diagnosis sends a ripple effect throughout an entire family.  While each family reacts differently to life-changing news, one thing remains the same; it is an opportunity for families to strengthen their relationships and renew an optimistic outlook.

When Parkinson’s enters a family’s lifestyle, it is important to band together with a positive outlook and center your attention around your newly- diagnosed relative.  Since Parkinson’s is such a far-reaching, long-lasting and most importantly livable disease, we want to help your family make the most of what can be a difficult experience.

This month, our CEO highlighted a short tip sheet from, of all places, the “For Dummies” site.  This Parkinson’s “CHECK-IN” brings together some life-changing habits of people who live optimistically with Parkinson’s every day.

    • Challenge — Acknowledge and face the facts.
    • Humor — Find and revel in the absurd.
    • Empowerment — Refuse to surrender your life and relationships to PD.
    • Collaboration — Team with your family, friends, and healthcare providers.
    • Knowledge — Know the difference between myth and fact and keep up with the latest developments.
    • Integration — Treat the body, mind, and spirit.
    • Never give up!

At Synergy HomeCare, we are here to inform you through helpful online resources, talk about your concerns and support you and your family to live healthy, happily and independently.  If you have any questions about Parkinson’s or how we can help, please contact your local Synergy HomeCare.


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