Practicing Prevention, Realizing Rehabilitation


Practicing Prevention, Realizing Rehabilitation

Hello friends and families,

Each day, Synergy HomeCare representatives meet with families to assess their needs.  These families are the first to know about the round-the-clock nature of caregiving, especially when caring for a loved one with prolonged disability.  According to the Stroke Awareness Foundation, the leading cause of serious long-term disability is stroke.  Strokes affect over 795,000 people per year, and though they are more common in elder years, strokes can occur in any age group.  In fact, it is alarming that the number of strokes in younger generations is increasing.

Strokes can be prevented, but they are not always pre-conceived.  Many families have made trips to the hospital after a perfectly healthy loved one has experienced a stroke.   Many people are familiar with the physical process of a stroke, but are not often prepared for the ensuing rehabilitation and recovery process.

The effects of stroke can be minimal, but can also be catastrophic.  The most important thing to remember is that recovery can be achieved with proper care and rehabilitation.  In the event of a stroke, it is important to look forward.  My advice to victims of stroke is to look to rehabilitation therapy and celebrate your achievements.  Family caregivers – practice stroke prevention and encourage you afflicted loved one as they progress.  Look after yourself and obtain respite when necessary.

At Synergy HomeCare, we bring on only the most compassionate and dedicated people to be part of our company.  We are driven to create new care options and lead the home care industry with programs that help people in need.  In the end, it always comes down to the families we serve.  For these families, the challenges and heartache of having a loved one in need are real and constant. We are here to help you and your family through difficult times, and we look forward to each good day ahead.


Peter Tourian

CEO, Synergy HomeCare

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