Respite Care for the Common Good


Respite Care for the Common Good

As a family caregiver you know that caring for your loved one is no small task. In fact, while family caregiving is extremely honorable and rewarding, it can often lead to burn-out.

At SYNERGY HomeCare we know how important family caregivers are, which is why we are always looking for ways to help support and encourage them. One of the most practical ways we look to support these caregivers is through ever important Respite Care.

Family caregiving is often more time consuming than a full time job, and even the most dedicated of caregivers can end up feeling overworked and overwhelmed by the growing amount of responsibilities they are faced with.

In order to help alleviate the stress and exhaustion, we offer Respite Care whenever you need, whether it’s just so you can be free to have an afternoon of relaxation or go out to dinner worry free, our Respite Care offers such services as

    • running errands
    • meal preparation
    • light housekeeping
    • companionship while you’re away
    • services to meet individual and personal needs

Respite Care is all about giving you the freedom and means to get re-charged. The worst thing you can do as a caregiver is overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion.

Family caregivers that are overworked often experience

    • anxiety
    • frustration
    • irritability
    • feelings of helplessness

Which can eventually lead to

    • personal health problems
    • a tense living environment
    • strained family life
    • resentment of the loved one you are caring for

SYNERGY HomeCare believes that caregiving should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and we want to help keep it that way by providing you with energizing breaks.

Basically, working yourself to the point of burn-out helps no one—neither you nor any member of your family. Contact us to learn how to step out of burn-out and step into peace and freedom with Respite Care.

To find out more about Synergy’s dedication to family caregivers, keep an eye out for more blogs here and information through Arms Around Family Caregivers.

~by Chantel Heister

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