Prevent Glaucoma by Knowing the Risks


Prevent Glaucoma by Knowing the Risks

Vision loss is one of the chief health concerns among seniors. Any changes to eyesight can significantly threaten their independence, and glaucoma is one of the most common sources of visual impairment. However, older adults typically don’t recognize any symptoms until they’ve lost nearly 40 percent of their eyesight.

The best way to combat glaucoma is for older adults and care providers to stay ahead of the condition. While the damage to the optic nerve is permanent, recognizing risk factors and getting the disease diagnosed early can allow doctors to slow its progression.

There are a few conditions that raise the risk of glaucoma including diabetes, genetics and people who are nearsighted. Furthermore, doctors can identify glaucoma through a series of tests during a comprehensive eye examination and begin treatment immediately.

For seniors that already have glaucoma, there are a number of things home care providers can do to help them better manage the condition. For instance, not only can they help them manage their medication, but if seniors have surgery to slow the progression, care providers can assist with homemaking and meal preparation during the recovery period.

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