Talking to Someone with Hearing Loss


Talking to Someone with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common issues facing older adults, with approximately 47 percent of people 75 and older experiencing some form of hearing impairment. Auditory issues can be caused by everything from heredity and excessive noise to aging and disease, but whatever the reason, hearing problems can certainly make things difficult for family members and home care providers. However, there are a few steps one can take to reduce challenges caused by hearing loss.

One of the best ways to eliminate challenges posed by hearing issues is to reduce background noise. Even something as simple as turning off a TV or radio in the other room can make it easier to have a conversation. Experts also suggest caregivers speak to the hearing impaired in good lighting because they may be able to decipher words easier by lip reading.

Environmental factors are important, but how caregivers speak to the hearing impaired also makes a big difference. For starters, it’s crucial that they speak clearly and slowly, to reduce the chances of having to repeat themselves. Caregivers should also make sure they only speak to the hearing impaired one at a time to help avoid confusion.

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