Plan Ahead for Easy Holiday Travel


Plan Ahead for Easy Holiday Travel

As the holiday season approaches, many caregivers may be considering travel plans to visit family and friends in different cities or states. If you are traveling with a loved one who is elderly or disabled, it’s a good idea for caregivers to plan this travel well in advance to make the trip easier for everyone involved.

One aspect to sort out ahead of time is medical challenges. recommends caregivers consult with their loved one’s doctor about the trip. Caregivers may want to ask if there are any medications or supplements that could help with certain symptoms, and ensure they have all prescriptions filled before travel.

It’s also a good idea for caregivers to consider transportation options with their loved one in mind. If driving or renting a car, a minivan may be more accessible than a two-door car, for instance – especially if the individual has a wheelchair or other assistive devices. If flying, caregivers can request seats that are designated for disabled travelers, as well as wheelchairs to make travel between airport gates hassle-free.

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